January 6th Hearing-Adjacent Discussion Thread

Lol, I cited Trump’s statement! :wink:

You did, you did! I’m just getting caught up – MSNBC is on in my house, but I’m a little behind because I paused it for a shower earlier. Thanks!!! (REJOICE, REJOICE!!!)

LOL, sounds like he’s getting the Full Monty treatment courtesy of the FBI, too. :smiley:

Aw yeah, baby!

I am officially ready to take back just over half of every questionable thing I ever said about Merrick Garland. Depending on how this rolls out will determine which half I will be withdrawing!!

Elie Honig is assuring Erin Burnett that a judge had to sign off on this so (especially in this high profile case) there is some evidence behind this search.

Looking forward to having another Jan. 6th follow along thread for the DOJ hearings/trial.
(Can Aspenglow or some other qualified person educate me on the difference between the two?)

Realistically, this could be about Trump’s destruction of documents protected by the Presidential Records Act.

It would be amusing if such a petty and easily-proved crime ended up having been the entry hole to a warrant that got him on a variety of other things.

I’ve started a new thread.

Posts regarding the January 6th Committee hearings and what is revealed by them belong in the January 6th Hearing threads.

Posts regarding what DOJ is doing, which is its own investigation with its own consequences, belong in the FBI Search and Seizure thread.

They are two separate investigations with two separate goals.

Hope this clarifies.

Sorry, I was very unclear. Please forgive the misunderstanding.

I meant what is the difference between a hearing and a trial? To me they are both very similar events that take place in the same kind of courtroom.

What I was trying to convey is that I am looking forward to a time when those investigations lead to a different set of [hearings/trials??] conducted by DOJ. For now a brief description of the difference between the two official proceedings is what I am asking about.

Trials can be characterized as hearings, but usually when someone discusses ‘hearings,’ they are referring to other proceedings such as hearings on motions, preliminary hearings, etc.

Thank you.

Sorry, but bathing is not permitted when news is breaking… :shower:

LOL, so I’m learning!!

Was Rachel Maddow with you? I’m expecting to see her, but she’s not on air so far.

I am anticipating her show. Annnnticipaaaation…

On the contrary, take another shower and see what the DOJ does! Perhaps an arrest warrant or a smoking gun will be announced.

In other words, Trump’s going to be Al Caponed!

Apparently, all the effort spent on Capone was a bit of a waste. The guy was almost a vegetable by the time he was in jail, because of mental damage due to syphilis.

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

So, if the Feds execute a warrant to search for presidential records Trump should have kept, but find evidence of Russian collusion or instigation of the Jan 6 insurrection, will it be like the cops getting a warrant to find illegal guns and finding heroin? How would this play out?

Anything is fair game if it is in the warrant’s parameters.

An example would be if you have a warrant for a car, anything you find in the car is fair game. That which is not in the car… the kitchen of the house the car may be parked in, is not.

So it may depend on how the warrant is specifically worded. If it’s “to search Mar-A-Lago” anything is fair game. If it’s “looking for documents from the Trump Administration that belong in the National Archives”… It could be that they had to word the warrant very narrowly in order to get a judge to sign off on it.