January 6th Hearing-Adjacent Discussion Thread

In other words, Trump’s going to be Al Caponed!

Apparently, all the effort spent on Capone was a bit of a waste. The guy was almost a vegetable by the time he was in jail, because of mental damage due to syphilis.

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

So, if the Feds execute a warrant to search for presidential records Trump should have kept, but find evidence of Russian collusion or instigation of the Jan 6 insurrection, will it be like the cops getting a warrant to find illegal guns and finding heroin? How would this play out?

Anything is fair game if it is in the warrant’s parameters.

An example would be if you have a warrant for a car, anything you find in the car is fair game. That which is not in the car… the kitchen of the house the car may be parked in, is not.

So it may depend on how the warrant is specifically worded. If it’s “to search Mar-A-Lago” anything is fair game. If it’s “looking for documents from the Trump Administration that belong in the National Archives”… It could be that they had to word the warrant very narrowly in order to get a judge to sign off on it.


Please discuss things pertaining to the execution of the search warrant at Mar-A-Lago in this thread:

The thread you are in is dedicated to discussion of January 6th hearing matters, which is a different investigation. Thanks.

So many investigations … it’s like Christmas! :christmas_tree:

If in searching his safe for the archives, they come across information on 6 Jan that is fair game. They would be archival documents of trump’s time in the White House.

I’m sure everyone on the Jan 6 committee is paying close attention.

Guaranteed, and agreed.

The Jan 6 committee got the contents of Alex Jones’ phone pretty quickly. I imagine they’ll get any relevant information out of this raid promptly as well.

I wouldn’t assume that at all. The Jan 6 committee got Alex Jones phone text via the plaintiff’s cooperative lawyer who had inadvertently received them in discovery. DOJ can tell the Jan 6 committee to pound sand re the Mar-a-largo raid, which would start a long process of jousting for the information to whatever end. It wouldn’t be prompt.

That would seem to be ridiculously foolish. Garland said publicly that he needed Congress to turn over the results of their investigation. The last thing he should want to do is turn them into an adversary.

I could see delaying to remove anything that is classified and doesn’t have to do with their mission. And I guess I could see keeping something temporarily secret in order to compel witnesses. But doing anything that would hamper the congressional investigation would seem counterproductive at best, and destroy the whole thing at worst.

Hypothetically, they could be manufacturing and posturing at an adversarial relationship as a tactic for making the bad guys think they’re not as far along as they are, so the targets of the investigation are off-guard when things really start to happen. That’s more theatrical than I think Garland’s DOJ is likely to be, and they’ve got a very full plate so they don’t have extra time to waste enacting a charade for the media, but it is hypothetically possible.

DOJ needs to be very careful not to release anything that could end up getting evidence in a criminal trial thrown out. The J6 committee can move faster/looser because of that.

Pretty sure the J6 is going to do their thing, the DOJ is going to do their thing, and if interests align, then some things they may coordinate on, but I wouldn’t expect it. They are two different authorities operating under two dramatically different rules.

The direction of materials shared would be, imho, more J6 → DOJ and not the other way around.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the DOJ has already requested the documents but that they were asked to keep the matter private, whereas the J6 Committee told him to blare it loud and proud.

J6 update from Kyle Griffin, MSNBC:

Truly. J6 is saying, “Voters, look what they did.” The DOJ is saying, “Your Honor, look what they did.”

One of those pardon seekers got his cell phone seized by the FBI today:

I am sure that’s a coincidence. There’s nothing to worry about.