January 6th Hearing-Adjacent Discussion Thread

In my view, there are 1000 smoking guns already proving the guilt of Trump and everyone on down. My blinders have long been off since I originally scoffed at the threat of a coup in the other thread.

But my point is, Alex Jones’ phone probably isn’t going to have some damning info that hasn’t already been revealed through other means.

It might, though.

If Alex Jones was in touch via text and email messages with, say, Sean Hannity and/or Tucker Carlson, coordinating MAGA talking points and using those two as a go-between to communicate plot points re the conspiracy with Trump, it would be one more nail in the illegal conspiracy coffin.

I’ll bet there is some very interesting stuff in that phone.

At the very least, Jones is screwed to the wall.

Absolutely. He’s managed to turn civil suits (which he was going to lose anyway) into possible criminal charges and prison time for perjury. Couldn’t happen to a better person.

All I can say is “he hid his phone for some reason!”

Unfortunately for us (but not for tawdry voyeurs everywhere), it might not be strictly because of January 6th stuff.

Roger Stone’s devices were all confiscated by the FBI back in 2019, so they would have that half of any conversations with Jones up until that date. But, otherwise, we have no reason to think that they have anything later.

Interestingly, it looks like Stone’s pardon is narrowly written to only excuse him for the exact crime of which he was convicted. Unless Trump handed out pocket pardons on his way out the door, I feel like that will come back to bite him.

I’d be willing to bet that, if you were able to actually get these people to speak candidly about what they think of themselves, that they’d all think they were the “secret genius” who was manipulating all the other idiots into doing their bidding. So it won’t shock me to discover that they were all e-mailing and texting back and forth, thinking that they were leaving the others to hold the bag if they got caught.

Don’t leave out Ginni Thomas who is also an ‘influencer’ in this circle of dolts all feeding upon each other.

Until reading the article below (nearly at the bottom of the piece), I had forgotten that Trump called several lawmakers from different states to the White House presumably to threaten or cajole them into - - - overturning the results of their states. I don’t recall all the ins and outs, but I do recall that some state officials (maybe even county officials) certified results – then tried to pull their certification votes as a result of pressure from Trump.

In any case, it seems like these efforts should be a small focus of the Select Committees efforts. Without looking up articles from that time, I seem to recall that these “guests” were granted much longer audiences with the Commander in Chief than they wanted (and one group refused to attend didn’t they?). With some of the White House insiders now flipping on Trump it seems it might not be impossible to prove intent. It would help support the try every last damn crazy plan to overturn the election – as if that theory needs more evidence.

Yes. Very good.

Hopefully some more Perry Mason moments.


Looking for a mainstream media source for this report, but… huge if true.


It’s coming from Trump!


TFG’s interpretation of events is like backwards-land.

MSNBC and CNN both reporting it right now if you consider them mainstream. Not everyone does.

Lol, I cited Trump’s statement! :wink:

You did, you did! I’m just getting caught up – MSNBC is on in my house, but I’m a little behind because I paused it for a shower earlier. Thanks!!! (REJOICE, REJOICE!!!)

LOL, sounds like he’s getting the Full Monty treatment courtesy of the FBI, too. :smiley:

Aw yeah, baby!

I am officially ready to take back just over half of every questionable thing I ever said about Merrick Garland. Depending on how this rolls out will determine which half I will be withdrawing!!

Elie Honig is assuring Erin Burnett that a judge had to sign off on this so (especially in this high profile case) there is some evidence behind this search.

Looking forward to having another Jan. 6th follow along thread for the DOJ hearings/trial.
(Can Aspenglow or some other qualified person educate me on the difference between the two?)