January 6th Hearing-Adjacent Discussion Thread

I think more likely connections to people who have connections to people. They got all of his texts. There could be gold buried in there. Won’t know until somebody digs.

Knowledge of funding of the rallies:

I would assume that they were told that there were no relevant communications to produce, and had to accept that.

Given that they seemed ready to go, plausibly, they’ve been informed that there are relevant texts in there.

Unrelated but apparently this also happened recently, in case anyone else missed it:

Jones is in some deep shit. And he’s enough of a nonideological grifter than he might be flippable.

Also, watching the judge rip into Jones for lying is pretty fun, and doesn’t bode well for him in the trial outcome.

I have to assume that there is a lot of pants-shitting going on at the moment, among all those who communicated with Alex Jones in the run-up to the attempted insurrection.

And probably others as well. There’s a lot of potential exposure here.

I wonder if one of his lawyers decided to blow the whistle to cover his own ass. If the lawyer was being asked to knowingly conceal evidence (the phone records had been supoenaed I think), then…

Oh, this is juicy, juicy goodness. I hope they uncover a trove of incriminating and embarrassing texts.

I wonder if they’re going to call the fallout from this The Second Jonestown Massacre.

ETA: Here’s Rolling Stone’s take.

There’s video in the Tweet.

Exclusive: Jan. 6 Committee Prepares to Subpoena Alex Jones’ Texts, Emails

I guess they can’t now pull the “ohh, we wiped them by mistake” ploy.

Not when people have copies, no.

Isn’t it sweet?

What will tucker say??! That is their biggest worry. It is to laugh.

Pretty sure that the one’s speaking are the Sandy Hook attorneys, and pretty sure they’re mocking Tucker.

Watch the edges over the next couple of days. Over the weekend we might see a whole 'nother layer of conspirators peeled away and looking to cut deals to keep their pasty white asses out of prison.

Is Jones really going to have damning Jan 6-related texts from major players on his phone? He’s a clown and anyone in Trump’s inner circle knew it. Maybe I’ll be surprised, but I can’t imagine they were planning the coup with him.

Truly hope Ginni Thomas is shitting bricks…

Yes, but Trump’s inner circle is an insane clown posse.

He has already been subpoenaed, specifically for his knowledge about the organization and funding of the ‘rally’ portion of the Insurrection.

Hence my comment about Ginni Thomas…

If he told the J6 committee the same thing he has been saying to the Sandy Hook lawyers, i.e., “I have noTHINK!”… which is a reasonable assumption… then, yes, they will want to review this data.

True, Sidney Kraken or Patrick Byrne aren’t exactly known for their rational behavior. But they are desperate to be important, and Alex Jones is a step down for them.

Ginni Thomas…now that’s interesting. She’s the right mix of inner circle and clueless.

Regardless, his phone should be a trove of data and absolutely needs to be reviewed. But I’m not expecting the smoking gun that convicts any of the big guys.


Seriously. ‘Smoking gun?’

You were the first one to respond here, literally:

So it’s not like you’re new to this topic. After all this… including the massive interdepartmental deletion of phone and text records which has been revealed just this past week alone… what more do you need?

Now, whether or not they are indicted is another matter. But if this ever goes to trial, the massive amount of data overrides any reasonable doubt even if there is no recording of DJT giving specific orders.