Re: the January 6 hearings follow-along thread

I am posting to apologize for my post in the above thread about Trump’s video response to the January 6th Committee referrals. Even though it was (I guess) technically not off topic in itself, I should have realized that most likely responses to the post would have been. I am sorry that it resulted in a useful and interesting thread being closed.

I appreciate your thoughtful apology, but you were far from the only person hijacking in that thread. So please don’t worry about it.

I think the thread exceeded its usefulness, as it was meant to be a follow-along and there’s no longer anything to follow along re the January 6 hearings.

I look forward to many new threads being opened by everyone on lots of varied topics in P&E as we go forward with Trump and associates prosecutions. We have two I started that are specifically intended to discuss these matters.

For January 6th-related DOJ stuff:

For Mar-a-Lago documents DOJ stuff:

Sans hijacks as much as possible, please.

You, alone, did not kill the January 6th thread. It was an ongoing, pervasive course of conduct with many participants in the hijacking, and I just got sick of it.

I was sorry to close the thread because I had hoped that articles such as those you linked to in the January 6th Trump subpoena thread could be posted there for ongoing discussion of the direct results arising from the Committee and their report. But it is beyond disheartening to repeatedly urge participants to stay on topic, only to be ignored again and again and again.

By my count, I admonished against hijacking 16 times in that thread.

Moderator instructions have to mean something. Besides mod-noting, the choices we have are limited: Issue warnings, or close threads.

I understand side conversations happen. I try hard to not be an asshole about it, but I will not permit ongoing hijacks in a narrowly-crafted thread. The January 6th Committee thread was a narrowly-crafted thread.

Each P&E/GD mod has their own tolerance for hijacking, and it’s probably obvious I am particularly sensitive to lengthy thread hijacks in P&E/GD. Guarding against them is our most important rule in the P&E/GD forums. If people push hijacks in those forums after mod-noting, I will close threads or warn, as appropriate. I’m not speaking for other P&E/GD mods, who are quite capable of piping up themselves if they wish to.

Reopening the January 6th thread was discussed among all P&E mods. We agree it is best to leave that thread closed. Someone can start a new thread to discuss continuing results from the Committee’s work and their report.

Please don’t simply post in other threads that don’t pertain to this particular topic. That’s the beauty of forums: Anyone can start a thread! And if they do, I hope they will clearly define its scope so we can moderate accordingly.