Japanese Nipples of Fury?

I was just watching “Fist of Fury”, a badly dubbed old Bruce Lee film. In one scene, Bruce bursts into a room where the two men who killed his teacher are conspiring. Via the camera, he looks at one man’s nipples and says “So…you’re Japanese!”

Somebody will have to clue me in, cuz I dinna ken this one.

WAG here: I believe much like people think of African American males with big penises, Japanese people are considered to have long nipples. I’ve never seen a Japanese person topless, nor have I seen Japanese porno. I suppose I could do some research online…

Best thread title of the week. :stuck_out_tongue:

::shuffles feet, kicks at pebble:: Shucks, tweren’t nuthin…

From my experience, Japanese nipples don’t appear to be any longer than nipples of other nationalities (Asian or Western). Of course, my sample group is only female, so I may be missing something.

Are you sure there wasn’t anything else in the frame, like a tattoo, scar, necklace, or piece of clothing?

The nipply gentleman in question was wearing an undergarment, but nothing of an obvious ethnic origin (at least not to me). The camera was clearly looking at his nipples, as immediately following Lee’s statement, he pulled his undershirt up over them.

I’ll bet that L(.)(.)ked funny when he said that.

Long in which direction?

I’m quite fond of onsens (Japanese spas) and I’ve thus seen my share of naked Japanese men. I’ve never noticed anyone’s nipples being different from standard-issue nipples.

I’m Japanse so I’d volunteer to measure my nipples but I have no idea how.

I’m assuming there were only two of them?



Not only that … BAND NAME, surely?

Julie :slight_smile:

Everyone knows that Japanese nipples, while no longer than those of their oriental and caucasian brethren, are much more, you know,…inscrutable.

Anyone of Chinese ancestry out there that can shed any light on this? I tried to Yahoo this, but only got porn sites in return, and now I’m in trouble with my spousal unit.

Wicked pointy.

Again, this is just a WAG. I’ve heard it, but I’ve never seen it.

I’ve only seen Korean nipples. They looked… like nipples.

Crud. I meant to add that I have also seen white-boy nipples, which would form the basis of my comparison. Korean nipples and white-boy nipples are not noticeably different from one another.

I’m just gonna stop now. I probably should have stopped a while ago.

Chefguy, you might find consolation in the fact that you’re not alone.

And also:

Congratulation, you’ve just discovered an inscrutable mystery.

I asked Cecil this once, but got no reply.
Perhaps it is time to reask, as this is obviously a burning issue.

Perhaps it’s a coloration issue. I’ve noticed that Asian nipples tend to have different shading than Occidental nipples, so perhaps a slightly different shade would indicate not only Asian, but the general area of Asia where one comes from. (Generally, however, facial structure is more varied and tends to reveal one’s origin quite well.)