Japanese translation requested

I am posting this for someone else. Here is the message:

All this talk about Japanese gameshow “Takeshi’s Castle” on another post has got me wondering:

When each contestant steps up to the podium where they are about to undertake their appointed task (and mostlikely get their face smashed in), they shout some sort of warcry. It sounds like “Kampari-ma!!”. What is the exact phrase, and what does it mean? Does anyone know?

what they are probably saying is “ganbari ma-su!!!” which means

kind of like, “i will do my best!!!”

i will do my best … to stick to that wall of velcro by doing the tarzan in a velcro suit. ah, fond memories…


In “Rice Bowl Down Hill”, before the contestants get pushed down the waterfall, the host guy shouts something to which the contestants reply (in a sing-song type voice) “KO-KO, KO-KO, KO-KO!” as they tumble down it. Any idea what this means?

Probably “Ikko! Ikko!” which means “Go!,Go!,Go!” or “Let’s Go!”

If I were going over the waterfall in that silly bowl, I might be yelling “Iik-u, iik-u, iik-u!”

That’s a joke, folks.

I haven’t seen the show (I hate Japanese game shows) but I’d guess they are trying to say “go! go!” “Ikko” would be a strange thing to say. It’s more a conversational phrase and doesn’t work well as a chant or yell.