Japanese translator, please. Or maybe that won't help.

Now, I don’t remember how I got to this page, but in the course of my daily web surfing I happened upon it. Frankly, it disturbs the hell out of me.

For those of you too lazy to click on the link, the opening page features a rabbit with pancakes on its head. It’s entirely in Japanese. Underneath the rabbit there is a list of links dated every couple of days. These link to more pictures of rabbits, often with more things placed upon their heads.

What the hell is going on? Why won’t somebody tell me?

I wouldn’t find this so disturbing if it was just pictures of rabbits. Lord knows I’ve seen enough pictures of cute dogs, cats and babies to be immune to that. But the placing of various things on their head. . . It’s that little extra that creeps the hell out of me.

What do you people think?

Somewhere, in one of those many links listed, there is something in english.

It’s just some guy with a pet rabbit.

He just happened to notice that the rabbit will let him place things on its head.

He thinks his bunny is cute, so he takes pictures of it.


url=“http://isweb21.infoseek.co.jp/animal/sokaisha/010817/010817.htm”]Here it is!

Here it is!
[sub][sup]Preview is your friend, Jeffie. Preview is your friend.[/sub][/sup]

I don’t know, it’s still creepy.

The rabbit may allow you to put so many things on its head, but why do it? Why take so many pictures?

“I must obey the inscrutable exhortations of my soul.”

And there is a series where he is placing another bunny on top of it, which, at least to my dirty mind, looks. . . not right.

I guess it may be time compared to some personal pages I’ve seen here from America, but still. . .

It’s still somehow wrong. Never underestimate the odd inventiveness of somebody with too much time on their hands.

His rabbit’s name is Oolong. The little pictures at the top say something like “Usagi’s Pages” but there are no links connected to them. The pancakes are a dessert; I believe there’s bean jelly in between the layers.

It is a rather strange site. But, then Japanese can be eccentric sometimes…

Yup, it’s just a dude’s obsession with his usagi (rabbit in japanese) and putting stuff in oolong’s head. I took a look at couple of them and it’s all the same…he’s just basically keeping a journal on what his rabbit did… weirdos…
today I put a remote control on top of his head…he looks so cute
he did not enjoy having many different kinds of leaves put on his head today
I find that VERY weird…now I’m curious as to HOW you found this page…if someone started putting something on top of my head everyday, I’d be really ticked off…ok, that’s it

I think it’s a copy cat. i’ve seen another site by a cutsie “kawaaaaaaaaiiiii” girl featuring her rabbit in various poses, including the pancake on the head. It’s just people with pet rabbits who think sharing pix is cool.

If you’ve ever lived in Japan, you wouldn’t think this is unusual, and that perhaps should be scary.

I thought it was rather funny!

The bunny is adorable, though.

I’ve run into a couple of odd things japanese. One that seems sort of related to the-bunny-with-things-on-the-head is one of those litte window-sitter programs (you know, like the sheep that wanders around your windows and gets beamed up by UFOs and sleeps…) Well, this window sitter was an anime-style girl. One of her alternate outfits was her dressed as an orange, with whipped cream on her head.

Very odd.

Oh, and if you rest your pointer on a photo in IE, most have an english caption that makes it all the sweeter.

What was your first clue?