I’m not really sure what to say
The bunny (“Oolong”) is talented, no doubt.

Bunny-power! I like it!

Wow. It’s like he’s wearing a little fez or something.

All hail the bunny!

I’d keep my distance. The eyes… the teeth… LOOK AT THE BONES ON THAT THING! It’s a killer!

Waiter! There’s a hare under my muffin!

Now if only you could train to walk to you when your hungry…

Gaahh! Run away! Run away!

Makes you wonder. At some point somebody had to say to themself, “My bunny would look better with a pastry on his head.”

What the hell kind of train of thought leads up to that?

I saved 233 images from that site, and MOST of them show Oolong with something sitting on his head. Very very strange.

Well, that is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

::looks around::

Well, it seems that I not only have a pair of bunnies, I seem to have some pastries as well.

…*Oh Baaaart, Oh Benny, Come and see the mama…

I wonder why that 2nd {i} didn’t work?

Has anyone taken Oolong’s pulse lately?

I used to know a woman who owned a bunny not unlike Oolong. The thing was like a dog. She’d take it outside and they’d play chase and hide and seek. This amazed me to watch, as my childhood memories of pet rabbits involved friends who had creatures who lived in cages most of the time and were nervous when you held them and might bite. But apparently you can raise a rabbit more like a housecat and they’re full of personality. Who knew?

Um, this one has been on the net for awhile, I first saw it on Metafilter.

Oolong’s owner is a member of a Japenese rabbit fanciers club. When the site first showed up on Metafilter, he got some hate mail about “abusing” his rabbit by placing objects on it’s head.

Oolong’s human replied to the messages saying that he loves Oolong very much. Oolong is a very patient rabbit and the owner realized that he could place an object on Oolong’s head and get a picture that was just “weird”. He was testing a new camera and just kept going. He has paid for several surgeries on Oolong - you can send Oolong healing in some of the old shots

It’s one of my favorite links. There is just something relaxing about looking at a picture of a rabbit with an object on it’s head or on the grass and thinking,

“What Would Oolong Do?”

He’s just . . . be.

This is an old favourite of mine, too. I love the rabbit. Bunny bunny, pancake pancake.

Yeah I know it’s been around (hell look at the dates of the picture galleries!) but I figured not everyone had seen it.

The pancakes are among my favorites :slight_smile: I also like the little teapot.

There are also some simply gorgeous pictures of Oolong outdoors (in flower fields, in snow, etc)

Bwahahahaha! Thanks, Opal; you just made my day. I’d seen this before, but I love the picture of the bunny with the muffin on its head. Cracks me up every time.

Oh, and alice: you didn’t close the {i} tag. That’s why it didn’t work.