jarbabyj can Eat My Poo

Did I miss something? We must now be knowledgeable of a poster’s entire life history as reported on the SDMB?

Sorry, but I unfortunately don’t have the time or the stomach to read every one of jarbabyj’s posts. Going off what I read in that thread, Otto’s response (in the original thread) did not seem that unreasonable. I did think jarbabyj came back a little snide.

None of that explains this pit rant (a bit over the top perhaps?). Many seem to be overreacting to Otto’s overreaction. Don’t suspend your objectivity just because you like the poster being taken to task.

jarbabyj hope your back gets better eventually. I’d say soon, but if it’s been 3 years now, it doesn’t look good for waking up in the morning pain free.

Okay, now I’ve actually read the thread in question.

I submit to you, dear Otto, that when someone has been dealing with problems, red tape, ineffective therapies, conflicting opinions, and useless suggestions & referrals about a painful and chronic medical condition, it is no surprise when he/she reacts with something less than graciousness when a complete stranger throws out a cure based on two sentences of background. I would cut that soul some slack. No, you’re not expected to know her life history, but once she explains it to you, maybe the reason behind her tone would be clearer.

While jarbaby may not have been all solicitousness and gratitude in response to your comment, I didn’t see anything worthy of a pit rant. Jesus, if I started a pit rant everytime someone gave me that level of snippiness, the Dope staff would have to buy another server.

You know, it just occurred to me, maybe you should see a good chiropractor? I’ve heard they can work wonders on illnesses like cancer, ill vapors, consumption, and Kneejerk Victimism. You’re dang close to being diagnosed with the latter.

Objectively, I hope jarbabyj gets the medical care she needs to stop her pain. I hope that it is covered to the extent possible by her medical insurance with a minimum of red tape, frustration, and administrative flunkies overriding the decisions of her doctors. I want the medical professionals who treat her to believe her when she talks about her pain and not scoff it off because they can’t immediately find the reason. If her doctors cannot help her, I would like any alternative therapies she seeks of any kind to at least ease her pain.

I would like her to not touch, eat, or otherwise interact with Otto’s fecal matter.

Objectively speaking, of course.

No, but Otto did the opposite. Without evidence, he made the dead wrong (and insulting) assumption that jarbaby has been sitting on her ass for three years, sobbing quietly in the corner as the mean ole doctors and chiropractors denied her her right to surgery, and hasn’t taken proactive steps in aid of her health.

Agreed that the pit rant is inexplicable. But you are dead wrong that I shouldn’t suspend my objectivity. Fuck that - a friend of mine was unjustly attacked by an absolute schmuck. My objectivity will kick back in after I’m done doing donuts on his lawn.

Otto, are you naturally a moron, or are you trying real hard? Because you are damn good at it.


So, what does a girl have to do around here to get a bad back?

See, this is why I generally don’t try to help people. The person you try to help basically tells you to go fuck yourself, and if you dare suggest that perhaps they were nasty in doing so, 20 other people jump at you for it.

So sorry that I dared to offer the advice to jarbabyj that has in fact worked for dozens of other people I’ve helped navigate the insurance system (and not as a janitor, thanks). My hearfelt apologies for daring to express concern for her health and hope for a permanent resolution to her pain. Couldn’t feel worse that I didn’t do a search for other whining she’d done about her back problems elsewhere.

maybe the pain in your back is caused either by the chip on your shoulder or the bug up your ass. Either way I’ve lost the will to care.

And Sua, you don’t have the sense the Lord gave a bunny rabbit. No wonder lawyers are so universally hated, with you as a shining example of the breed.

Well, I don’t see how you’re going to stay ill with anything, Diane, given your sig.


Various responses:

Oh, sure. Everyone wants to help when it involves clit-sucking. But how many of you will you be there when she has to fellate the whale? Or eat the poo of some obnoxious asshole? Feh. Fair weather friends, the lot of ya. :wink:

Oh, and Diane, I’ve got just the thing for you. Enough acrobatics to enduce a back problem and then the cure. And none of that annoying whale or poo stuff, either.


Because “What do you think I’ve been doing for the past three years” = “Go fuck yourself”


Myrr, I don’t think he can hear you up there – That’s a pretty tall cross.

Um, Otto - yer really acting like a jerk here, my HUGE crush on jarbabyj notwithstanding.

When you offer unsolicited, FREE advice, and people give it as much value as it cost, you really don’t have a valid complaint. Perhaps you have difficult customers at work - jarbabyj is not one of them - she just mentioned her chronic pain problem, and the relief she received from a chiropractor - she certainly didn’t say “Oh Otto, please fix my HMO problems!”

So basically, shut-up - you’re talking out of your ass.


P.S. I hope your back feels better jarbaby.

Otto, take a breath. Let’s look at what Jarbabyj said again

As a completely impartial observer, I suspect that you became upset not over what she said, but the fact that she used capital letters. While that can be viewed as yelling, I think you need a little thicker skin. If you read her post again, you realize that she never directly insuted you.

Now, I am not going belittle you here, the others have done a fine job of that. I just want you to realize that when you start a pit thread blatantly attacking a specific poster without sufficient reason, you have to expect a backlash. Don’t act so suprised.

“You know, it’s at times like this, when I’m trapped in a Vogon airlock with a man from Betelgeuse, and about to die from asphyxiation in deep space that I really wish I’d listened to what my mother told me when I was young.”
“Why, what did she tell you?”
“I don’t know, I didn’t listen.”

Oh, I’m sorry, I must have missed the part of "Resolved: Chiropractors are quacks and their patients are suckers " where you expressed concern for others and a desire to help them.

I hang out in GD a lot. One of my pet peeves there is when some schmuck comes in a posts something to the effect of “anyone who believes this shit is an idiot” and then gets surprised when the responses are less than glowing.

So, you post something offensive, some one takes offense, you toss out a plattitude to placate them in the guise of ‘helping’, and didn’t bother to read carefully (where she mentioned doctors in the plural sense etc.), got all in her face, she reacted, and then you post a pit thread complaining about her.

Good thing we’ve got you to tally up the sides for us :
(Frankenstein voice on)
Otto gooood
all others baaaaaad.

Otto, I’m sorry I inferred that you were a janitor.

I’m sure you prefer the term “waste management engineer.”

Short-term memory loss is a horrible, horrible disease. Re-read your OP, and point out where you were merely suggesting that jarbaby was being nasty, as opposed where you were being a thin-skinned fuckwad.

Don’t be taken in by the Disney propaganda, Otto - rabbits are very well adjusted to their environment, and have adapted well to human intrusion into their habitat. Plus, they’re so damn cute.

Any idea how funny that is, coming from someone who works for an HMO? 'Cause y’all are beloved by all and sundry.


Hmm… A fight between a lawyer and someone who works at an HMO. I haven’t had this much trouble figuring out the lesser evil since, well, last November, I suppose…

Well, I have him beat. Otto is a paralegal who works at an HMO. I’m merely an evil attorney, while his life work is to aid evil attorneys screwing sick people at an HMO. Comparatively, I’m an angel.

'Sides which, I’m not a fuckwad. That has to count for something …


The lawyer is the lesser of the two evils.

Trust me on this. [hushed voice]I know.[/hushed voice]

Because you work for an insurance company?

The person you try to help basically tells you to go fuck yourself

Looking…looking…looking…here’s where I said suck my clit, that has nothing to do with fucking YOURSELF…still looking…

Your advice, if I remember correctly was “ask for surgery again” and if that doesn’t work “ask again”. I can’t help but feel if you had asked for just a quick 30 second background on the problem all of this nastiness, whale fellation and fecophagia could have been spared.

As the meek little gal that I am, I would never expect anyone in the world to know anything about me, or remember anything about me, but if you’re going to suggest that all I do is whine about my back problems, I suggest you ask if that’s the case first.

And then, jarbaby went to the cliffs…as the wind swept her hair from her face and away from her eyes she stared into the sea and said, ‘what more then?’

Then, with a drama that can only be equalled by a Bronte novel, she threw herself into the ocean, having never had the joy of sleeping with Coldie, Manny, or Till Lindemann…all because of Otto, the li’l doper who lost the will to care.

Oh wait. that’s not me.

And everyone else? Ich liebe dich


That’s only if you felate a Chinese Whale, though.

-The Man Who