jarbabyj et al: Firemen! Firemen! On VH1!

This "Concert for New York "is on now (7 pm EST). The house (Madison Square Garden) is packed, with 6,000 firemen, police, and rescue workers as special guests among the crowd. They keep bringing up individuals to talk and to introduce bands.

I know this is a time for national unity and seriousness of purpose, but we can drool, too. Man, there was this cute fireman with a shaved head just on…

Can’t say firemen really float my boat, drool wise, but I just turned it on and The Who are playing.

Woo Hoo, they’re sounding pretty good for a bunch of old geezers :slight_smile:

I watched a bit of it, and there was one hot mama with his arm in a sling. I wish Harrison Ford had handed him the mike. Yayowza! Rwwwwr! I love men in uniforms. :smiley:

I also enjoyed Billy Joel singing “New York State of Mind.” It was kind of funny when they panned the crowd and kept showing people singing along even though they didn’t really know the words. I guess I look like that in my car.

What was up with Leonardo DiCaprio, though? Yuck!

-Sarah, who canceled her plans tonight to stay home with her sick mom and has been watching VH1 and doing laundry for the past 4 hours and is slowly going insane.

Well, I was moved to see that someone else had thought Five for Fighting’s “Superman” was a good song for 9/11. I’d responded in an earlier SDMB thread that I’d always associate it with that day. One of the survivors asked that it be a part of the concert.

Is it too soon after the tragedy to say that I’m in love with a New York City Fireman?

I saw him in a relatively widely circulated photo, I think it was on the cover of People or something actually. but he was wearing his standard issue tight navy t-shirt and a FDNY baseball cap and he was Carrying a soot covered woman in his big strong arms And the look on his face of exhaustion and sadness made me want to jump him and ride him into next Tuesday.

Or shouldn’t I be talking about things like that?


I think it’s okay if you stuff a $20 for the relief fund into his pants before you kick him out in the morning. Or, er, after Tuesday, in your case.

I mean really, all I want to do is just show him how much I appreciate his hard work…






umm… does mr. jarbabyj know about this little (hah) obsession of yours? Sounds like he could do a lot worse this Halloween than renting a fireman’s costume, then going out back and crawling under the porch to get nice and muddy and mussed up (to heck with the dry cleaning charges… and going to a party…).

Just askin’.