JC Penney's back to school ad dancers

Yeah, I know the ad has had a thread already, praising it. I agree, cool ads.

What I want is to see the uncut versions. Those kids, from the younglings to the teener/young adults can move! I want to see more of it, not a bunch of 3 second segments spliced together.

Also, some of what’s on screen looks slightly enhanced. Watch the teener sk8er boi on the sidewalk at the very end of one ad and you’ll see it pretty clearly. I would like to see the raw footage. Those are some talented dancers.

Any sites to cruise? Other ideas?

The closest I found was here and here (pay site)

Just one comment regarding the stupidest attempt to “slang” a company’s name or product name since “Mickey D’s:” In a JCPenney ad currently airing featuring the dancers, advertising the back-to-school sale, the announcer refers to the JCPenney credit card as “Penney Plastic.” Oh, please.