J C Penney's "Screaming" ad -- Want to boycott?

I’m emailing JCP to say that I’m boycotting their store until they stop airing the “Enough is enough” commercial. How dare they scream bloody murder in my house; the poor dogs and wife react with instant anxiety (and, yeah, me, too).

How can this be legal? Can you have a commercial with people yelling “Raaaape!” or “Help!” or “Fire!”?

will one family threatening them make ANY difference? I wish I were on Facebook so I could start a “Stop the Screaming” page.

Okay, I sent it: 

*We are boycotting JCPenney until you stop airing your "Enough is enough" commercial. It scares my puppies, my wife, and my kids.

My family, my students and most of their families, and many at an influential media forum agree. We will not enter a Penney's store or order anything from your website until you pull the ad. *

ETA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aj3PfcPuauM  (but I wouldn't click it if I were you ...)

I hate it. I don’t even understand what they want me to think, do, or understand about it. Good luck with your quest.

I’m in.

I think JCP sucks anyway, so it will be easy to stay away. I haven’t shopped there in years.

But this commercial is obnoxious. Yes, it makes you remember it, but in a negative fashion. So they are going to go to a new pricing structure, and their prices will be so low, you’ll never have to worry about missing a sale again? Big deal. There is a store out there like this already. It’s called wal-mart, and they don’t have middle-aged post menopausal women screaming at me in their commercials.

JCP - they truly suck. who are they competing with these days? Macys? Sears? Target, WM?

Count me in.

This now tops my list of commercials I hate.

Even outranking that mophead kid in the back of the SUV.

OMG, I can’t reach for the remote fast enough. In.

Whoa. I’d never seen it – but it came on about 10 seconds after I read the thread title. cue Twilight Zone theme

It just prompted my immediate off-switching of the TV - I didn’t even bother searching for the damn mute button.

The commercial is announcing a new permanent pricing plan set to begin on February 1, 2012. Apparently many people hate the ad so much they don’t watch it to the end.

It is a terrible ad. I have a DVR, but I don’t always fast forward through commercials if I’m busy at the moment with painting or cooking or something. But this commercial came up and I quickly found the remote and didn’t see the end of the ad.

Saw it for the first time tonight. After the 3rd scream I said “that’s enough of this shit” and hit the mute then changed the channel so I wouldn’t have to see it either. Didn’t even know who it was for till I saw this thread.

Here’s where I sent my email. Glad to see people agree (since I already mentioned that “influential media forum” in my email…).

I have seen it on TV a few times. I thought nothing of it.

Me either. And I got a whole bunch of nice cheap sweaters and a $200 peacoat marked down to $65 in a pre-Christmas online sale at JCPenney. I like shopping there; I find their selection similar to Macy’s but less overpriced.

Oh, sorry, my fault. :~}

Did it come on at twice the volume of the ad before it? ::shudder::

So funny…Lillith Fair just told me she emailed JCPenney to complain too, and I’m sure she hasn’t read this thread! I didn’t find it as annoying as some other commercials, and once I could concentrate on all the details (muting it helps you notice the woman wearing the same jacket that just got marked down 62%) I was curious as to what they would be doing. My local paper had the story the next day, about them reducing all their prices by 40% and simplifying their sales promotions schedule. Since I was only shopping their clearance racks or waiting for one of their $10 off any purchase coupons, I am interested in seeing how this plays out. There is a lot of stuff in their stores I’d buy if it were cheaper, and now I guess I’ll get the chance! And sure, Wal-Mart does the same thing, but their stuff is better-made than Wal-Mart… They admit they are copying that strategy. I hope it works for them.

Oh, is *that *what “JCP” is? I saw this last night and couldn’t for the life of me figure out who or what or where they were advertising. I thought maybe it was a new designer or computer or sex act or something.

I got the point of the commercial (“this item I just bought is marked down now and clipping coupons is a PITA!!! ZOMG!!!”) but it’s still annoying as shit.

Count me in.

ETA: I used to work for a department store that did the same thing, getting rid of coupons and lowering prices across the board. Unfortunately it was after I left that job, because it got to the point where they were running coupons for at least 20% every day and every damn customer would demand the 20% off whether or not they had it, and the spineless douchebarge managers would make you give them the 20% off and then yell at you if you scanned the coupon for someone who didn’t bring it. However, they managed the transition with newspaper ads and commercials that did NOT feature raving lunatics, thank you very much.

Jean-Christian Philippe’s Jiffy Computer Processor for Jewish Copulatory Positions?


Damn, that commercial is awful. Mute, Channel Up, Channel Down, Previous Channel, Off, any button I can press in my furious attempt to make it stop.

Thanks for the email link, I’m going to register a complaint right now.

I did not know who’s ad it was.