JCPenny gay Father's day ad

I don’t even know where my nearest one is, but I guess I’ll have to find out and spend some money there.

Here’s an article about it.

Seems the group One Million Moms boycotted JCP for hiring Ellen DeGeneres as spokesperson. Releasing a gay father’s day ad featuring a real life dad couple with their kids was their response.


Yeah, the more progressive parts of the internet keep trying to get people to report the OMM facebook group as hate speech.

Me, I’m all for Ellen as spokeswoman. I love the ad with that hats. “Is this a trick?” shifty eyes “Nooo.” And the gay fathers ads are cute as well. But despite my liberal leanings and general desire for clothes, I just can’t seem to muster up a good american consumer response towards their stock.

Time to go shopping!

Man, I hate that One Million Moms uses the word “Mom” in their name. It makes me feel icky and embarrassed on behalf of moms everywhere.

Way to go, JCP!

Update: OMM is alreadyexpressing outrage at the ad.

Of course they are. Once Lindsee, Merridyth and little Jayckob are safely ensconced in Marisol’s arms, what else is there to do but toss back a thinly disguised tumbler of gin and trawl yahoo news?

In my head they look exactly like the snooty Junior League from “The Help” only, you know, a million strong. :rolleyes:

On the upside, JCP’s Web site has been a bit bogged down today, I hope they’re making a killing.

Oh wow - I went to take a look at their FB page and discovered one of my friends is one of the “One Million Moms”.

How disappointing.

JCP had previously included a lesbian couplein their Mother’s Day ad. Predictably, OMM protested that one as well.

Thanks One Million Moms, if it were not for you, I’d be buying my next clothing items at Walmart or sum such. Instead, I think I’ll go to JCP. Despite the fact that it’s out of my way.

How do you see who has “liked” OMM? I am looking to see if any of my FB friends is there but I can;t see how to.

Go to their page, and it will list it.

Been to the page, clicked on the “Likes” and only get stats about how many likes, demographics, etc. No list of people. Odd.

When I went to their page in the right side of the timeline it said ‘Brandi Smith likes OMM’ and showed her avatar. If you aren’t seeing something like that I assume you don’t have any friends that do “like” that page. However, if you and I were FB friends and I liked OMM I would probably pop up like that for you.

I could not see a list of people that liked the page.


I like JCP and it’s the closest clothing store to me so when I need better than Walmart clothes, I always go there. My boyfriend’s mom always gets me clothes from them for Christmas too. This whole thing that started with Ellen just makes me like them even more, to the point that I actually applied for a job at my local store only to find out they require those 50 stupid questions tests (which determined that I’m not their type). That’s ok though because it left me free for the perfect job I have now!

Ditto! Definitely going to go there more often now.

I thought “One Million Moms” was more like “Several Thousand Moms Led By Some Dude”?

I need to pay a visit to the local Penney’s (or are they just JCP now?)…aren’t they supposed to start rolling out some massive store changes this year?

They did, and it’s not working yet.

But they get my vote and my dollar.

Well, they could go pray or something. That’s what I always tell people like that—“go pray or something.” Annoys the living bejeebus out of them.