"Jealous" and "envious" are two different words!

And I’m not going to tell you what the difference is either - just…find it out yourself!!!

Are you STILL starting these stupid fucking threads?

Not really. They mean pretty much the same thing.

What the fuck are you talking about?

No they don’t. Decide for yourself.

From the jealous definition, in the second definition (emphasis mine):

So what the fuck is this about?

I really have no idea. But the words are not really interchangeble.

Yeah because one starts with a J and one starts with an E.

From the envious definition:


They mean more or less the same thing, but to me “envious” has milder connotations.

I am envious that he has a hot girlfriend.

I am jealous that he has a hot girlfriend.

The first seems more easy going; the second harsher, more emotional. Maybe it’s just me.


Jealous is like I hate you for having something I don’t have.

Envious is like I wish I have what you have.

If that’s the same…so be it.

Regardless of whether they are interchangeable or mean the same thing, the OP is correct.

They are, in fact, two different words.

Well, if you’re just angry that someone has something that you don’t, it could either be jealousy or envy. Otherwise, they are indeed similar and I understand how people confuse them, however there is a difference.

Well, yeh, but…

To my mind, “envious/envy” reflects a wish to have a desirable something that someone else has.

“Jealous/jealousy” suggests hostile possessiveness about something one has (or thinks one has or ought to have).

Who ever heard of having “penis jealousy”?

As I understood it, or misunderstood it, as the case may be, jealous is like I hate you because I fear you will try to take what I have.

Wow. Gotta say…I’m glad I paid to stick around here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I still think they’re interchangeable in nearly all situations. They have the meaning of wanting something someone else has.They have similar negative connotations. Certainly not enough to start a Pit thread about. When is Pizzabrat going to come back in to tell us what the hell got his gander up?

I think the main difference is that jealous is nearly always the word applied to emotional relationships between people, whereas envy seems more about possessions or achievements. When you’re afraid your girlfriend has been sleeping around, you’re jealous, not envious. If your neighbor gets a spectacular 51" flat screen TV, you’re envious. You might say you’re jealous, but you’d probably be overstating the case. (Unless you’re really into giant-screen TVs.)

So jealousy is a stronger, less easily controlled emotion: the green-eyed monster. Envy is not as powerful.

So which is the one that inspires you to put Gwyneth Paltrow’s severed head in a box?

feng shui?

I’m done - people more eloquent than I already explained it. “Jealousy” refers to something you already have, “envy” refers to something you don’t have. And if “ask” can spawn a thread, this can. I think more people use “jealous” and “envious” interchangably than mispronounce “ask”.

**Stupid ** and Idiotic are two different words too. Funny how they both apply to this thread. :rolleyes: