Jeepers Creepers 2

Just saw ‘jeepers Creepers 2’ and i have to say, it was a pretty decent movie and a far cry from the horrible reviews it received. Sure the characters felt flat, the creeper lost his mystique with Salva over-exposing him, and the unaswered questions of the first part are left unanswered, but i thoroughly enjoyed myself anway. There were a lot of very tense nail-biting moments (the scarecrow scene at the beginning, the moments leading up to the capture of the obnoxious Scott, trying to get back into the locked bus ) but overall i think it worked because the whole kids-trapped-in-a-bus scenario (screwed if they stay in and screwed if they get out) was quite clever and made up for the cardboard cut-out characters. And most importantly of all: The creeper is one scary dude and deserves to be a horror icon.
Anyone else enjoy this movie?

I enjoyed 2 things,

  1. it was scary to the girls I was with.
  2. it made me laugh!! It had elements of a Dark Comedy!