Jeffrey Dahmer - The Comic Book!

Young Jeffrey Dahmer

Apparently this artist was a friend/acquaintance of Jeff Dahmer during his formative years. Real life truly is, stranger than fiction.

Interesting. I’m have to admit I’m considering purchasing it, after reading the teaser portion they have on the web.

In 1993-94 there was a comic book called “Jesus Christ vs. Jeff Dahmer” or something like that.


So who won?

I confess: I bought the book. Not because of Dahmer (heck, I didn’t even know that the guy was beaten to death in prison) but because of the author/artist derf, who draws In the City available in a fine alternative paper near some of us.

My Review:

There was no gore, but the comic was deeply disturbing. In fact it freaked me out. Talk about the banality of evil. Dahmer apparently was a social pariah in high school, existing at some small margin above the absolute bottom of the social hierarchy.

From the inside front cover:

And, I might add, the willingness to take steps or to orchestrate an intervention.

PS: When I purchased the item in my local comic book store, I got a really strange, panicked look from the clerk. Me: “Uh, yeah, I guess I will take that in a bag.”

More weirdness: Scott Adams of Dilbert worked in the cubicle next to Jimmy Lerner, a murderer-turned-author who has just published You Got Nothing Coming: Notes from a Prison Fish

A few years ago Boneyard press did some truly tasteless Dahmer comics.

  Jeffrey Dahmer And His Zombie Squad

 Jeffrey Dahmer VS Jesus Christ

These were intentionally offensive. Boneyard does not target a mainstream audience. They also published a comic in which a team of gay, HIV positive, Navy Seals gangrape Rush Limbaugh. I never read any of these, and I don’t want to.
The new comic is something different. Although I haven’t read it either, it’s only because comics are expensive and my funds are limited. I read an article by the author, and it actually seems to be written as a study in the nature of evil, and to show how the author felt when he found out what that Dahmer kid from high school had done. I’m guessing it will be something like Maus(Art Spiegelman’s award-winning comic telling the story of how his parents survived the holocaust) or Black Hole (Charles Burns’ series on teenagers and a sexually-transmitted-disease that horribly mutates its victims). Both Maus and Black Hole contain ideas and images which are disturbing, but their main goal is to tell a story.

At one point in reading the web teaser I started emphasizing the bold-faced words “aloud” to myself. I was nearly on the floor laughing.

Well, it’s not as good as Maus, IMHO (it’s too short, for one thing). I’m not a big Charles Burns fan, so I’d rather not make that comparison. Nonetheless, I confirm my recommendation.

I love derf, in my opinion he puts Cleveland on the map more than the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame does. :smiley: (I may be a little biased here.)

I can’t wait to read a copy of this book, unfortunately due to my current penniless condition, I will probably have to get it from the library. (We also have great libraries here!)

I wasn’t comparing it to Maus or Black Hole in quality. I was just pointing out (apparently to people who already knew) that it wasn’t a piece of disgusting, exploitive crap simply because the title is Young Jeffrey Dahmer.