Jennings is Back again?

Ok, Im sure this is answered somewhere else deeply embedded in another thread.

I heard an ad for the ‘return’ of Ken Jennings. (That Jeoprady Contestant of the month, won over a Million on the show) What is the situation particulars with this?

Jeopardy got moved when our local news (11news Atlanta) decided to do a 7:30 newcast. Jeopardy gets moved to 4:30, but Wheel of Fortune stays put. (Anything to keep america dim)

But I digress, I was able to see the second to last jennings episode as it originally aired. (Wanted to see the guy after all the hype) I assumed he left after the next ep.

This return is just for ratings, obviously, but will jennings keep his winnings? is he there for ‘show’ only? Etc, etc, etc.

Your basic assumption is wrong. He was still undefeated when the show went on summer hiatus, and will just be coming back as the returning champion.

Hmmm… that sounded a bit curt, sorry. Just meant that his “last appearance” was just his last for the season, not forever.

Assumptions like that get made when you dont see the final ep. Thanks!

Would anyone else have hated to draw against Jennings in Who Wants to Be A Millionaire (Fastest Finger) or Chuck Woolery’s show of a few years back ‘Greed’ ?