Jeopardy 4/1/2016

They are having a little fun for April Fool’s day… how many did you catch?

I’ll start it off with Alex walking out without pants.

Upside down scores at one point

My favorite was 80’s Trebek telling the right answer.

I’m surprised there aren’t more people here who watch “Jepardy!”

I think they were backwards rather than upside down… like 000,3$

I may have missed some though… there were other things upside down so I’ll have to re-watch it.

They were mirror-images.


Trebek entering without pants.

Ken Jennings cameo.

A weird visual thing that I couldn’t identify.

There was another cameo by another previous player that I thought would be much more obvious.

Final Jeopardy began with a shot I’m guessing came from another country’s version of the show

I’ve been texting with my daughter who watched it with a bunch of other college students and she said it was Estonia. I missed it myself.


Also some Wheel Of Fortune sound effects.

One of the “DOUBLE JEOPARDY” signs was upside-down; another had chimes.

And when Milton gave the wrong FJ answer, there was a slide-whistle sound effect.

Those were both Wheel of Fortune sound effects.

At some point near the beginning the logo at the bottom left briefly was spelled Jepardy.

Here’s a youtube link I found with the highlights.

Glad they had some fun with it!

I don’t think it was part of the goofs, but Milton? flexed his pecs when he was introduced. I thought that was weird.

Speaking of “Milton?,” has any player ever signed his name in the form of a question? It would have been so cool to see


Milton? also told a long and unusual (and entertaining) story during his introduction.

I remember that, but I’m not sure if that was April fools or just him.