Jeopardy! 7-12-12 What Happened to the audio?

Tonight (Thursday 12th) just as Alex started the meet & greet with the giggly middle contestant, the audio abruptly dropped out, faded back in only as Trebek moved to the next guy. He was genuinely laughing hard at something the GMC had said, and it sure looked to me like the audio was censored. I’m on the west coast. Did anybody hear what was apparently the funniest Jeopardy Meet & Greet ever?

She told a story about her pygmy goat dying after it ate a bag of concrete mix, and Alex made a snide comment as a joke, and then she said, (also in a joking manner) that he wasn’t being very sensitive…

Everyone was laughing, and I am pretty shocked of they actually censored it.

I’m thinking of what he could have come up with. Maybe something about turning it into a lawn ornament.

I watched it this morning, but I don’t remember noticing any censoring during the meet-and-greet. The woman said her goat died when it ate a 60 lb bag of concrete, then Alex said something stupid like “Why not an 80 lb bag?” The woman made the “you’re being insensitive” comment (in a teasing manner) and then Alex waived off talking with the third contestant.

It wasn’t censored where I live. Alex handled the situation (goat dying from ingesting Quikrete) poorly with that tasteless joke, and I’m glad the contestant called him on it by saying he was being insensitive. And then Alex further worsened the situation by telling the last contestant, “I don’t want to talk to you.” It was a poor attempt at a joke made worse when he actually didn’t visit with that contestant.

Did you also notice this? At the top of the show, apparently that last contestant, the champion (named AJ?) was a little nervous and doing a breathing exercise just before Alex came onstage. This was not noticeable to the TV audience. I certainly didn’t notice AJ doing that.

With Alex’s first words, he announced to all that AJ was nervous and trying to calm his nerves by doing that breathing. I couldn’t believe he said such a rude and impolite thing. (Well actually, I can believe it)

Maybe he’s on drugs if the show was recorded after his heart attack.

Did you hear about the paddy wagon that collided with the cement mixer?

Six hardened criminals escaped.

There was no audio problem here. I seriously doubt anything was being censored. Just a temporary glitch. It happens.

Wow, if I was one of those contestants, I would have had to say this.

There were audio problems throughout the rest of the show that I watched - short moments where the sound would fade and then come back.

Yes. Why would anyone come to the conclusion that there was censorship rather than a glitch?

I had read somewhere (maybe here on the SDMB) that they take a lunch break between tapings of the Wednesday and Thursday episodes - and that you can tell when Mr. Trebek may have had a few drinks during lunch because of his looser behavior on air. Based on how he was acting in this episode, I’m wondering if he had a totally liquid lunch. Besides what has been already mentioned, my wife and I were surprised that he ignored AJ ringing in after one of the women gave an incorrect question in the “Novels” category. Mr. Trebek had mentioned shortly before that that the time was running out for the game in general - does that mean other contestants can’t get a chance to respond after someone else’s wrong response?

I didn’t notice that, but I think I still have the episode on my TiVo; I’ll rewatch and look to see what happened.

Another contestant is definitely allowed to ring in after a wrong answer, even with a one-minute warning in effect.

I thought it was funny exchange, and not insensitive at all. And I think the time ran over and that is why Alex said what he said to contestant number three.

IMO, people who don’t like Alex would take the opportunity to be critical of Alex.

Really? A contestant shares that her pet goat died, then Alex responds by asking did it eat a 60-lb bag of Quikrete, or an 80-lb bag, because there’s a difference? If the contestant then replies with, even part jokingly, that’s being a little insensitive, common decency dictates Alex to at least back down and acknowledge her loss.

At best, what he did was impolite. But then what he did next, to AJ, was definitely impolite, with a mutter of, “Who’s in charge here?”, or something similar.

Alex started to reveal the answer before A.J. rang in.

I remember that happening. The middle contestant rang in then didn’t come up with a guess. Time ran out on her. Then AJ rang in but Alex said time had expired. At the time I thought that was a little odd, I didn’t think time expired, but didn’t rewind my DVR to check it.

I deleted the show but if you find it, let us know if anything is odd there. Thanks.

That would explain it.

If a contestant was sensitive to a pets “Darwin-esque” de"th, I don’t think she would have listed as topic to discuss in the “meet and greet.”

I thought the exchange was funny and the contestant took Alex’s comments in the spirit that it was intended.

Yep. I rewatched it. It was the Hitchhiker’s Guide clue and the one-minute warning was in effect. Laura buzzed in and timed out, then AJ buzzed in, but Alex revealed the answer and said, “sorry, AJ, not fast enough.”

That did seem very strange to me. Are the rules for a timeout different than for a wrong answer?
As for the goat comment, everybody on stage and in the audience was laughing, especially Laura, so I don’t think she was particularly offended.