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thought Thor was easy. We all learned about the Kon Tiki in grade school. It’s quite the story…

Yeah, I got it instantly. I’m 71.

I got both Thor Heyerdahl and Annie! I was just coming in here to post about it because I learned that Ethel had played Annie literally yesterday, when the DJ mentioned it on Sirius XM Broadway.

Maybe it’s a generational thing, in that it was such a big deal in 1947 that it was taught about in grade school for a few decades after, but by the time I was in grade school, the 1980s, it had faded away? The name Kon-Tiki sounds vaguely familiar, perhaps from some pop culture reference somewhere, but if you just said “Kon-Tiki” by itself, I’d have no idea who or what it referred to. I definitely have no recollection of Heyerdahl or his voyage being mentioned in school.

After the subject of the J! question, this is the next thing that comes to mind when someone says “Kon Tiki”. It was pretty cool in its day.

I didn’t mean to be cocky, but there was a recent discussion about the Lennon and McCartney FJ that was easy for some people and very hard for others. Last night was just my turn to find it easy. I’m a little surprised that none of the contestants got it, but not terribly so.

I missed the show last Friday (I’ll be happy when the football season is over), so I didn’t see the one about Thor Heyerdahl.

There was a movie about him called The Ra Expeditions that I think I saw when I was young. That was about voyages that he took in 1969 and '70, but the clue referenced his work in 1948. So, I’ve heard of him, but I have no idea if I’d have made the connection from the way the clue was written. I suspect not, but I’d have kicked myself when I saw the answer.

That’s okay @Robot_Arm, it was the “Royal let’s.” It’s one thing for each of us to feel superior when we get the triple stumper, but we need to remember the times when all three contestants got it right and we were stumped, as well as the times when we and the contestants were stumped.

My parents subscribed to the “Book of the Month Club” in the 50’s, and their selections had a prominent place in our living room book shelves. One book I remember was “Aku-Aku, The Secret of Easter Island”. It was written by Thor Heyerdahl in 1957, and the author’s name on the spine always stood out to me.

Yawn. Another runaway. Thought the challengers had a chance, but they faded away in the distance in DJ. I don’t mind that Amy wins, hell, I’d be happy if she surpassed “What’s …Amodio?” and All-in James in total wins and/or money, but i wish she’d have a challenge. I wonder if buzzer proficiency is far too much an advantage. Not sure what you could do about it, but I wonder.

I think I learned it wasn’t “aw-ry” when we read Hamlet in high school.

Recently, I learned that “cosplaying” doesn’t mean splaying together (too bad, it sounds like fun).

Ally would have had a shot if she’d gotten those DD’s right. In her defense, they were both relatively tough. (“Trilobites” was in my head somewhere, but I wouldn’t have pulled it out in time either.)

AND Amy missed on FJ. Even though it ended as a runaway, a couple of things fall differently and she’s gone.

That FJ was a triple stumper??? Unbelievable!

Agreed. I’d never heard of the cemetery or the crater, but if you say “name a US state that’s noted for having volcanoes, and has a military cemetery there that opened 4 years after the end of World War II,” I’m going to say “Hawaii.”

Hawaii felt too obvious. I overthought it.

I suspect the contestants all thought how I did: “Well Hawaii is the obvious response, but it can’t be that because that is too obvious. Where else could it be?”

Of course I ended up answering Hawaii just cause I couldn’t think of anywhere else.

I’ve been through the Punchbowl on a tour, so it was an instant get for me.

I’ve been there too, but it was decades ago. It’s briefly visible at 0:40 in this video:

I missed tonight’s Jeopardy (Friday, January 14). Did Amy win again?

Add me to the list of people who got Thor Heyerdahl. I’m early 60s.

Today’s FJ was certainly easy for both me and the wife. About one second into the clue, we both blurted out, “Punchbowl!” Hell, you can see it from our place. I was really surprised no one got Hawaii.

Hey, does anyone remember in regular play the other day, the answer was, “Who is Waldo?” The Waldo in those children’s books? I would have loved for the contestant to have answered with, “Where’s Waldo?”

Yes, another runaway, though she missed FJ.

This was me, exactly.

When the one contestant answered ‘Oregon’, I of course thought Crater Lake.