Jeremy Irons

He’s been pretty low profile recently (link) – anyone know why?

No, but he does have a new moving coming out with Annette Bening.

still trying to distance himself from “Dungeons and Dragons”? :slight_smile:


Tom Waits
Traci Lords

I don’t see him as the type to want to be high profile all the time.

Samuel Smiles

Courtney Cox

What’s happening?

(Hold me.

Only if you hold me)

Is this Irony?

Don’t forget – according to Lisa Simpson, “JEREMY IRONS” is an anagram for “JEREMY’S IRON”.

<Brain explodes due to severe Irony>

Jeff Bridges

Michael J. Fox?

Wesley Snipes

Jane Leeves

Stan Getz

Don Knotts

Don Rickles

How exactly does one rickle, anyway?

Christian Bale
Jude Law

[sub]If you can’t beat them [or understand what the bloody hell they are doing] Join them[/sub]

Annie Potts

George Reeves

Groucho Marx

Claire Danes

Stevie Nicks.

Phil Silvers.

Julian Sands.

Britney Spears.

Claude Rains [sp?]