Jericho cancelled...NOT!

In a surprise move CBS is bringing back Jericho for a second season. I gave up after the fourth or fifth show, but apparently Jericho fans are REALLY big fans.

I guess we fans of Joan of Arcadia didn’t try hard enough. :frowning:

For what it’s worth, I thought Amber Tamblyn was great and the premise was pretty cool. :frowning:

(I remember being part of the online push to bump up Supernatural’s ratings–sending in postcards to magazines, talking up the show by word of mouth. If only Firefly could’ve been saved as well…)

Just to clarify…Supernatural is on for another season, isn’t it?

Nice to see a network actually listen to fans. I watched it to the end and I enjoyed it. Not one of my favorites but I’ll watch when it comes back.

Yeah, but the CW has decided to let it continue slugging it out against CSI and Grey’s Anatomy. It sure would be nice if the show were awarded a time slot where it could blossom.

Wow! Thanks for posting this. Made my night.

The best part–that article quotes some moron who calls Jericho “quality programming.” Quality programming? Nuts! It’s crap. Utter unmitigated crap. And I love it!

It started off as truly laughably bad crap, but after the lengthy hiatus – which managed to lose it a full third of its audience – apparently they’d worked through the soap opera-ish crap that they’d pitched the show with, and turned the writers loose to actually start writing some dark stuff. Which a post-apocalyptic show should have, it shouldn’t all be “let’s love each other and have a big barbecue on Main Street” all the time. By season’s end, it was almost working its way toward “good” territory.

I started watching it for the laughs, but to my surprise found myself genuinely upset when CBS canceled it. Of course, renewing it just might have something to do with the more than 20 tons of nuts the far more deranged fans sent to CBS…


I watched it at first because I’m a suckier for post apocalyptic fiction. It ranged from pretty bad to very bad.

I kept watching in the hopes that it turned into something interesting. Eventually I kept half-assed watching because it could be cheesy amusing.

But the last 6 episodes or so got significantly better. I’m not sure if the writers decided to go in a direction other than “total crap, waste of premise”, but they actually started addressing the stuff that makes post-apocalyptic fiction interesting, not “campy soap opera with no electrity (except for the bar, and when convenient)”

It didn’t become the best written show, or anything - but at least it was trying to explore its premise, and I started watching it because I was interested, not because it was funny in a bad way.

I’m thrilled. I was also going to come in here to wonder how long until someone wished the same thing could have happened for Firefly.

Got all the way to the second post there…

Firefly fans didn’t send 20 tons of peanuts to CBS in barely two weeks’ time. I have to admit I was truly astonished at the way the whole campaign was orchestrated – it went from phone calls/emails and send a small bag of nuts to stories in the national press almost overnight. Maybe the story got picked up for the silliness factor over the Memorial Day weekend, but however it happened, this is a real victory for viewers and clearly is showing how the internet can help create a massive grassroots movement in truly record time.

Catching 20 tons of fireflies would be pretty exhausting work. And even if we could have pulled that off, the network execs would no doubt have been completely grossed out by having all of those insect carcasses delivered to their doorstep.

I’m glad it’s back. I agree the last six episodes or so actually started getting better. It deserves another chance. Damn, I deleted the season pass from my TiVo, though. I’m gonna have to remember to set another when it comes back.

I stopped watching after a few episodes, but my husband was very disappointed by the cancellation.

So, he’s happy.

Still, he would have preferred Studio 60 or Veronica Mars got the reprieve, and so would I!

There is a campain to send Mars bars to the CW folks to reniew Veronica Mars


I stopped watching it after the episodes with “Con*Mart” (Always low prices, ALWAYS!!!) and the airdrops of supplies from the ?Chinese?

the distinct lack of Radioactive Zombies was annoying, and the Soap Opera crap was annoying

when did it start getting watchable again?, if we’re past the touchy-feely interpersonal crap and into some “hard science” i may have to give it another go…

and i STILL want the Radioactive Zombies, dammit :wink:

I grew up in a small town in Kansas, so much of the background felt familiar.

I’m also a Gerald McRaney (sp?) fan. When he died in the last episode, I figured that was the end of the series. It did end on a strong note, though. The invading town’s marshall tried to talk the hero into surrendering. I loved his “final” answer, “You can go straight to hell!”

It started getting good around the 18th episode, “A.K.A.,” in which Jake confronts Hawkins about his background and learns the truth about the bomb detonations. Then, in the following episode, the Jericho people who went to New Bern to help build the wind generators return without Eric. Jake and Hawkins go to New Bern to look for Eric and discover that New Bern has been making munitions and that Phil Constantino has made an inventory of Jericho’s supplies and detailed maps of the town and plans to raid Jericho and occupy the farms. Jake is captured and imprisoned with Eric, who knows about New Bern’s plans to raid Jericho and is being held to prevent him from warning the town. Jake and Eric are rescued with the help of Johnston, Hawkins, and Maggie, and the townspeople prepare for war.

I’m not going to spoil it any further as CBS plans to rerun the first season episodes prior to broadcasting the new season. It’s been picked up for 7 episodes. Hopefully the ratings will justify an order for an entire season.

They need that - especially if you have a ratings box.

It’s only being brought back for seven episodes, unless it gets a much larger share than it has had recently. If so, then it’ll be back for more. If not, then not only will it be re-cancelled, but future large shipments of nuts (or other letters/objects/whatever) will be ignored as “we brought back Jericho, and no one watched it. Why should we bring back something else that no one’s going ot watch.”

I liked the fact that when an episode promised to give answers they actually gave answers.