Jerry and co. (Seinfeld) OR the Paddy's Bar Gang (It's Always Sunny)...who are the WORSE people?

The Seinfeld foursome or the gang on It’s Always Sunny on Philadelphia? Just to make the sides even, we can include …Newman (!!) as part of the Seinfeld crew and make them a quintet. So…which crew are the WORSE bunch of people?

Both sides are composed of selfish, nasty, dysfunctional people who are less like friends and more like people who hang out together because nobody else wants to be around them.

While the Paddy’s Bar gang have objectively done way more horrible things than Jerry on company and on a more frequent basis, they also are basically under-educated, no-nothing slobs without the even marginal self-awareness that Jerry’s crew has. Jerry and company appear to be on a higher rung of the socio-economic ladder. They are apparently better-educated, more successful (well…relatively speaking), and ultimately should know better than to do the things they’ve done.

Jerry serial dates and dumps women for the most ridiculously neurotic reasons (man hands, bad lighting face, etc.) But Dennis is likely a serial killer.

Charley has harassed and stalked the Waitress for years, but George strung along his fiancee Susan (a woman he did NOT want to marry), caused her death by being cheap, and then callously called a woman who detested him and asked her out on a date the day Susan died.

Kramer is a doofus who thinks he’s a stylish hipster. Mac is a doofus who thinks he’s a badass.

Elaine is a bitter serial dater who gets dumped on by the rest of the gang. Sweet Dee is…a bitter serial one-night stander who gets dumped on by the rest of the gang (so, maybe they’re even.)

Frank is vile and loathsome. While Newman is…Newman!!

So who are the worse specimens of humanity?

The always sunny group are worse. The Seinfeld group are just selfish, while the always sunny group can be downright malicious in their scams. Dees scam with the male stripper. Everyone’s scam when Dee became a comedian. Franks’ ties to Al Qaeda. Dennis and the DENNIS system. Charlies scams with the rich girl, etc.

George is the worst person in the Seinfeld group, but he’d be an above average person in the always sunny group compared to people like Dennis.

Yeah, the It’s Always Sunny people have at least one honest-to-goodness psychopath in their group. They win for being the worst.

Any group that includes Dennis is objectively worse than any group that does not.


Demonstrate value
Engage physically
Nurture dependence
Neglect emotionally
Inspire hope
Separate completely

The implication speech.

The toolkit in his car - duct tape, zip ties, gloves, and a video camera.

Always Sunny… because of the implication.

It took me a couple seasons to realize I really shouldn’t be sympathizing with the Seinfeld crew. I knew episode 1 that the Always Sunny guys were awful people. That’s the humor. And they turn the awful up to 11.

Just giving a “ditto” to the consensus but the Seinfeld gang is just selfishly unaware and self-absorbed whereas the Paddy’s gang is actively malicious and plots to screw people over in terrible ways. I don’t think there’s any contest here.

Of course, without Seinfeld back then, we probably wouldn’t have Always Sunny today. So there’s that.

Poor Rickety Cricket…need I say more?

If you type just “implication” into the youtube search bar, the first result is the season 6 implication speech. The second result is the season 11 implication implementation.

Wow. I mean, I thought the Paddy’s gang was an obvious choice, but somehow I’m surprised that this is such a route. 34 to zip. But yeah, no way in hell I’d want to be friends with the Paddy’s gang. They will backstab you without giving it a second thought. The Seinfeld crew is just kind of thoughtless sometimes, but not typically harmful on purpose.

Paddy’s crew is the worst, by a LOOOONG shot.:eek:
Criminal, violent, deviant, thieving bastages.:smiley: