Jessica Lang if freaking awesome!

I just finished watching American Horror Story S1 and loved her in that.
Now I’m about two episodes in to season two. I was surprised to find they cast Jessica again, only except this time she’s playing a different role which she also appears to be great at.
It’s a very different role from her previous one too. Quite impressive.

It’s an anthology series with many actors coming back in different (but related) roles every season.

If not freaking awesome, what then?

Lange’s been in every season of the show. Always as a very different character. Always an amazing performance. And always a titanic bitch.

Wow, hard to believe she’s already 65 years old. In 1982 when she was in Tootsie, she was 33.

I just finished season 3. She’s still awesome.

I’d highly recommend Titus with Anthony Hopkins. It’s Shakespeare and she pulls that off flawlessly.

Yes! She’s fantastic in that. And Tamora makes Lange’s AHS characters look like a pack of nuns.

She was fantastic in Everybody’s All American (a much better movie than the title and advertising would have you think). She portrayed the same character progressing from a teenage beauty queen to a hard-edged middle aged businesswoman, without any false notes. Actually, all the actors did a great job and the aging makeup was about the best and most subtle I’ve ever seen in a movie.

I liked AHS until I watched the season about the witch coven in New Orleans. That one sucked. Jessica was awesome… but everything else about that season was way below the first two. The weird thing was that the opening sequence that plays at the opening of each episode on the DVD is awesome but does not reflect anything that happens in the actual show.

Jessica Lange is fantastic!

I agree about season 3. I was really excited about the concept, but disappointed in it compared to the previous two season. I’m getting ready to watch Freak Show and I hope it’s back to the caliber of the first two.

Even harder to believe her screen debut was in the godawful Dino DeLaurentis remake of* King Kong *(the '76 one where he climbs the WTC)…

She is amazing. I stopped watching after Coven because Freak Show is just…not the same as S1 or S2. Especially S2.

Jessica Lange will always be amazing in everything.

It pretty much never does.

She impressively belts out Bowie’s “Life on Mars” here:

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She impressively belts out Bowie’s “Life on Mars” here:


She does it so badly so well that it is just stunning to watch and listen to. I wonder if they autotune it.

I’d give her an Emmy for her rendition of “The Name Game” in AHS Asylum

Jessica Lange has won TWO Oscars, not at all surprised she is knocking it out of the ballpark on TV, too. (I will admit I got lost watching ‘Asylum’, didn’t care too much for it. LOVED the first season, and I loved the witches if only because of the humor and that gorgeous mansion.) ‘Freak Show’ is a lot of fun, but not very scarey, except for the horrifying clown.

she may not know karate but she knows Krazy

Lang was great in season 3.

The “opening sequence” of each season is actually tightly tied to elements in the story.

You can search for “opening sequence analysis” or somesuch and get many links like this: