Jesus, Ozzy... know when to quit!

I totally agree. I normally don’t watch MTV, except for “Fear”, but the Osborne’s is a show I don’t want to miss! It’s good to know there are others with families as messed up as mine :smiley:

I’m with you on this one. I love Ozzy, IMO he’s the best metal singer ever, and Black Sabbath just ROCKS SO HARD!!! But dude, chill out and retire. Having seen him at an Ozzfest I can say he is pretty damn pathetic (and sort of has been since the early 80’s… remember fat Ozzy in a cowboy hat or worse a superhero suit? Yipes!).

In the Sabbath days he was cool. He was REALLY HOT then too, look at the old pictures of him with his loooong curly hair. Mmmmm… Ozzy…

The dude is so obviously completely burned out, he used to be cooler in one day than I am all year, but he seems like he could just chill out and drink Odwalla OJ and Malibu Rum on his sofa for the rest of his life, being incoherent and cool and not ever torturing his fans with another marble-mouthed stage appearance.

Ozzy, I love you. Please, I’m asking you as a friend, GO AWAY!


Ohh yeah…

“We got the M&Ms, and Ozzy went out and did a GREAT show.”


And upon which planet have you been living where “Crazy Train” isn’t playing on some station every minute of every day?

Is it true that the show has been picked up for a second season?

Personally, I think it’s the only good thing to come out of this whole “reality tv” craze.

Sharon was still negotiating for a second season last I heard. I’ve also heard that the kids aren’t very happy about living in a fishbowl. Given this series is MTV’s biggest hit ever, I have no doubt everyone involved will work something out.

Really? Why is he on meds? It would explain a lot. Didn’t he always mumble alot and sound rather inchorent?

he’s a nut and one time he flipped out and tried to kill his wife! i bet she keeps him pretty doped up. the whole situation reminds me of an organ grinder with a monkey. oh, well. the monkey seems pretty happy…

“As for the shopkeeper and his son, well…that’s a different story altogether. I had to beat them to death with their own shoes.”

That would be Planet Country Music. :wink:

Apparently, I live on the same planet as Spoiler Virgin. :wink:
I like the show, though.
Why is Ozzy on anti-psychotics? Did he really try to kill Sharon?
I heard there was another daughter who chose not to participate. Where is she? Does she live there?

And what’s with the damn dogs shitting all over the house all the time? Damn! You think they could afford to get a trainer or something.



Ozzy is the King of Heavy Metal. He is the orignial bad ass. He is still putting out some of the best Metal out there after years of drugs and touring. ‘Down to Earth’ is his best album in a long time. His OzzFest tours are one of the biggest in the US. Ozzy is the MAN™.


Yeah, Ozzy is getting old but if you compare his output to Paul McCartney’s Ozzy wins hands down. Ozzy is underrated as a musician and a singer while Paul and the Beetles are way over rated. (I imagine that I’ll be flamed for the last statement. Since I’ll be flamed anyway here it is: The Beetles wrote halfway decent pop tunes. They, at the best, are what is wrong with music today. They wrote catchy tunes that are easy to remember and got rich. Musically the Beetles are a pop wonder, like N’SYNC. The amazing musicians did not get the recognition they deserve. Frank Zappa, Steve Morse, Black Sabbath, Al DiMeola, the Moody Blues, John McLaughin(SP?) and others created new and amazing music while the Beetles got rich. Do the Beetles suck? no. Are they best band ever? NO!)

Waiting for the flames

Not going to flame you.

I like Ozzy! Hearing someone who had serious problems with drug addictions telling his kids they shouldn’t do what he did… And seeing him, that is a real reminder of what drug abuse can do to you. I like it when he talks to his kids about drugs, alcohol, sex, and tatoos. :slight_smile: Whatever you say Ozzy, I will obey…are they willing to adopt me?

The weird thing is, I think it was the first or second episode, Ozzy meets a fan, and immediatly remembers the year and venue of a concert from the 70s. I’ve heard when Ozzy is talking about music with fans or interviews, his mind is still very sharp on details, he just sounds all fucked up.

Unless they already have enough taped for a second season, I don’t see another season being as good as this one. For the Osbourne family or anyone. This worked because no one knew what to expect, and doing it over will lead to the stars trying to hide more personal stuff, and viewers expecting more outragousness.

blur- the weird kid in 4th grade who had OZZY writen on his knuckles with a sharpie. :slight_smile:

Here’s an article that talks about the medication. I realize it may not be the most reliable, but such is life.

Well, at the very least he threatened to kill her, and got arrested for it (see 1989). It would also appear Ozzy did indeed bite the head off a bat, althought he didn’t really mean to. :slight_smile:

The cool thing about Ozzy is that all of his urban legends turn out to be true! :smiley:

She lost weight after getting married? That’s rare.

I won’t flame you, Slee, but I will point out that comparing Ozzy to McCartney is like comparing Poe to Shelley: each was innovative in his own way, and their appeal to different people (including people like me who appreciate both of them) says more about the fans than the artists.

At this very moment I am listening to Down To Earth. Pretty rockin’ tunes for an old guy. I personally hopes he keeps it up for 30 more years :::insert sausage tossed into the Grand Canyon joke here:::

I’m sure he will know when to quit when the time is right. Obviously, it isn’t now.

My 5th grader has been doing this for the past week.