Jillian Barbarie should get pregnant more often

Those bazookas… Oh lawd, I’s in heaven :wink:

According to TMZ she was ready to ‘pop’ back in June of 2009.
Assuming a normal gestation period, one would assume that she has since delivered.

Man, I’ve never liked the lass.

She might be a wonderful person, but when I see her, all I can think is “skank”.

That’s part of the appeal :smiley:

Here’s what’s happening to them now.

Surely by now you know the rule: no talking about how hot celebrities are without posting pics.

Here’s the first Google Image result for pregnant Jillian Barbarella. I’ve seen prettier pregnant women, even in my podunk small town.

She’s not that hot, and those boobs of hers are already getting dragged down by gravity…

To me she looks like a poor man’s Brittany Spears. Obviously, YMMV.

Wtf? Why do her breasts look like they’ve been flattened? I’ve never seen anything like that. It’s disturbing.

Good God! Haven’t seen anything like that since I was weaned!

Speaking as a large-chested woman, that’s what large breasts look like when they’re not properly supported or hanging entirely free. Her nipples are very low in the fabric cups, and the breast tissue is squished a tiny bit by the dress but not propped up.

I’ll see your Jillian and raise you a Maria Quiban

She’ll always be the weather skank from the FOX NFL pregame show. I don’t have a lot of respect for someone who reads a TV monitor while wearing a tiny skirt, tight top and thigh-high boots. Okay, she didn’t wear that every week, but she might as well have.

An acquaintance of mine is an “exotic dancer”, and even she thinks Ms. Barbarie is a skank!