Jim Anchauer's got ...

… a girlfriend!

and a website!

In fact, this whole Onion issue rocks! It’s like the regular writers came back and kicked out the chimpanzees that had taken over the paper! Shweeet!

Cars I Have Drove And Loved.
I love that guy.

Great, a dead-end pothead like Jim Anchower can score and I can’t.

Serves him right!

Ha! I remember that article he wrote about that girl puking on his floor. Now she’s his girlfriend? Man.

I always wondered if I was one of the few that liked old Jim. That fetal alcohol syndrome induced stoner is great.

I use to drive a Festiva.
Didn’t smoke weed, though.
Missed the $12 fill ups, greatly.

Hola, Amigos!

Jim AnchOWer is my favorite regular contributer. Did you see the job application on his web page. . .he talks about driving the ariport shuttle. I felt bad when he broke his leg last year. I was like, “how in hell is this guy going to deal.”

I love his resume with “reason for leaving” being “Boss was a d*ck” all crossed out. Ha! :smiley:

Does he still have the hood art that Wes (or was it Ron?) painted for him?

Something about a really gay-looking dragon?


Jim is funny because he has just enough in common with a bunch of real life people that I (and I think a bunch of other people, probably) know. Although admittedly, I saw a lot more of those types of people in the mid-80s through early -90s. I do not know if I moved up, or the breed died out.

The classic rock slays me; I remember to this day a number of people living in their parents’ basement, eschewing any form of modern culture to listen instead to the classic rock station, Zeppelin and Speedwagon over and over.

OK, is it just me or does Caterer James Mills remind anyone else of our own Hal Briston?