For Lileks fans

I know there are a lot of Lileks fans on this board (I love his stuff) but you can never get enough snarky retro goodness. I ran across this site: and it has daily snark on old magazines. Just thought you might enjoy it!

My list of bookmarks has been embiggenated.

Wow. I’m truly flattered to have received a mention from TSD! Please make yourself at home. I generally update my leetle home on the Intarwebtubes about five times a week, although sometimes my day job and life intrude on that schedule. Just think of my place as Lileks without the talent.

Thanks again!
Jim Dunn

Hilarious! But this entry had me puzzled:
You know what Ford stands for, don’t you? Fix It Again, Tony*

Was I whooshed, or is he getting the Fiat joke mixed up with the Ford joke (Fix Or Repair Daily)?

Dale Gribble makes that “joke” to Hank Hill in one episode, although I can’t remember which. I’m pretty much a KOTH fanatic, and I couldn’t resist the urge to use that reference.

Thanks for the link. I had to close my office door during lunch due to excessive chuckling.

My husband will get a kick out of this since he collects old cookbooks for their kitschiness.

ETA: Anyone who makes KOTH references is okay by me!

(Anybody who makes KITH reference is okay by me.)

Are you suggesting we kill Boomhauer?

<KITH>No! We have to crush his head!</KITH>

(And that’s a really cool site, Jim.)

What a great site! I’m having trouble viewing the cartoons and see that someone else has posted the same on the website:


Well, I press Page Down on the enhanced cartoon and nothing happens. If I press Page Down on any other part of the site, it Page(s) Down. I tried Shift/Page Down and a few other goofy things on the cartoons, and nada.

Can someone please help this guy? He needs a scroll bar on the enhanced cartoon screen but doesn’t have the time or the know-how to add it. I can’t help but absolutely love his website.

Can anyone help me? I’m as hopeless as ‘this guy.’

Can’t help fix, but try right click and then open in new … (whatever). Should come up with scroll bars.

I think he meant “Down Arrow”, not “Page Down”. Pressing the down arrow key scrolls the image for me (Firefox on Windows XP).