Jim Cantore: Weather Ninja

One funny video of what can happen on live TV.

He handled it pretty well, although I disagree with the caption that he kneed the guy in the nuts. Just a hit to the leg or abdomen.

Sadly, I have DirectTV so I can only see Mr. Cantore on the Internet.
Oh curse The Fates!!!

Yep. Didn’t even slow the kid down. Guy must have been anesthetized to begin with.

But Cantore’s a dude, no doubt.

I hope that was not staged. Now Jim is not my favorite Wx person but this puts him up a notch or 3 in my book

The weather out there is just nuts.

That was a perfect version of the technique I was taught to discourage a dog from jumping up on you.

[hijack] Stupid freaking DirecTV. I loved the Weather Channel. It was so convenient to get my local weather any time I wanted it. I liked some of the shows, too. If Dish Network didn’t suck so bad I would consider going over there. :mad: [/hijack]

Agreed–I really HATE the new format.