Jim Grey's Head on a platter!! Who's with me???

I cannot believe this sniveling, smarmy little bastard of a reporter trying to rip into Pete Rose prior to the World Series. I gave him a write in vote for the hundred greatest ballplayers (me and a million or so fans) and was ecstatic to see him walk up there. Then to have it tarnished by this bastard after Rose already answered the question over and over again was beyond the call.
Look, I believe Pete needs to be in the hall of fame. I remember him as a outstanding player on the Phillies and the Reds and no one truly deserves it (save Shoeless Joe). He made a mistake betting on sports while he was a manager granted but 10 years of not being able to set a foot on a diamond for something like this when we see a lot worse being done and put up with (Let’s see…numerous drug offenses by…well I won’t say names…rhymes with Wallferry and a hall of famer recently inducted who was caught traffiking about 40 pounds of high grade Columbian).
First things First, I want to see Jim Grey canned, kicked in the ass, and made to apologize to Pete. He was there for the fans who wanted him there (Did ya hear that applause for Charlie Hustle Jim?? A full minute of fan appreciation) and to have him dragged through the mud yet again is too much. Anyone of my friends in the teeming millions as outraged?


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