Jim Jordan - Spineless POS

This typical Trumper would not answer the House Rules Chairman, Rep. Jim McGovern, when asked, repeatedly, if Biden won fair and square. He certainly wouldn’t say “Yes” and he didn’t have the courage to say “No”, either. Can some Republican here defend this slimeball’s actions? Jordan is, perhaps, the worst of the Republicans and deserves his own special place in the Pit. Fuck you, Jordan.

Nothing to do with the OP, but wanted to say that we were eating at a restaurant in Urbana, OH, on New Year’s Eve. Jim Jordan and a few guests were at the table directly behind us. I took a couple pics. I’ll see if I can find them.

I refer to him as Jim Jordan R-Gerrymander. Here’s his district.

Looks like a freakin’ Tetris piece.

Urbana Ohio??? My dad went to college there in the late '30s. I ate at a cafeteria (Mickey’s?) there when I was 10.

Couldn’t be more appropriate for that quack of a Congressman.

And this is really why republicans are angry. Despite all their Gerrymandering and voter suppression they still end up losing.

I call him Jim “I’m only a little more guilty than Joe Paterno” Jordan. R-Enabler.

I think it’s best to refer to him as Gym Jordan, since he pointedly ignored the abuse happening right under his nose at the gym when he was a wrestling coach.

Dang, I meant to post this in the BBQ Pit.

nm I haven’t had enough coffee yet and confused myself.

I kept getting Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows mixed up when Meadows was still a US Representative. It hardly mattered because they were indistinguishable, jockeying for position to see who could brown-nose Trump’s ass better, like the ass-kissing boot-licking twins from hell that they are. They’d often appear side by side either trying to discredit some Trump critic, or singing the praises of Dear Orange Leader. Not a shred of decency between the two of them.

JohnT originally posted something about this, but I will now forever think of them as Jim Beavis and Matt Butthead.

How was there any room with Pence and Graham in the way? Or is this an example of quantum tunneling?

One can only assume you’ve been spared from the reality of just how big Trump’s ass is.

All along, he wasn’t playing multi-dimension chess, it was multi-dimension ass.

Never ask questions that you don’t want the answer to.

You have been warned. Do not look at the spoiler unless you want to dredge up long (hopefully) forgotten memories (or were very lucky and avoided this somehow).