Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)

I saw this news this today: Former Ohio State University wrestler calls out GOP Rep. Jim Jordan: “It’s just going to get worse”.

I have disliked this man first since seeing him defend Trump and the GOP, but knew little about him. Well, now I know more:

The reason I heard about this is because of this video, which is of DiSabato’s brother testifying in court about Jim Jordan’s knowledge of the abuse and his involvement in an on-going attempt to cover it up (1:22 testimony followed by 3 minutes of commentary w/info).

From the Slate article:

Why wouldn’t they want to go there? Good question:

I found this on his Wikipedia page:

So this news isn’t exactly new, and it didn’t discourage his re-election in 2018.

Will this impact his re-election efforts this year and how?

And what else do we know and think about him?

He lives 5 miles from me.

You should move further away from that psycho.

Doubtful. The GOP base are so terrified and disgusted by muslims, brown people and democrats that they’ll happily vote for a child molester or someone who covers up sex crimes if it means keeping America white and conservative.

Sad times we live in.

He’s a perfect specimen of grotesque for that clown posse we will watch scurrying for shelter very soon.

You remember how Kentucky Senator Rand Paul got his punk ass handed to him by his neighbor? That could be you and Jordan! You’d be famous!

I can come out there and hold his arms behind his back, if necessary.

No, he has no primary challengers and there’s zero chance of him losing in the general. He won by 30 points in 2018.

I don’t know where the bizarre idea that white mostly-uneducated Republicans might vote against a child molester comes from. Sure, in an open primary they might prefer the non-molester if he’s a Republican. But they’ll vote for a child-molesting Republican over any Democrat.

Yes, Roy Moore was defeated in Alabama, but that’s only because Black Alabamans turned out in record numbers. Here are statistics about the white vote in the election Moore lost. (The graphic I copied from selected for “no college” rather than “Republican” but, although correlation isn’t perfect, we can use it as a proxy here.)

I caught some of that interview on Lawrence O’Donnell a night or two ago.

This sounds like it has the makings of another Penn State.

I was (mildly) surprised when Jordan kept his seat in 2018. He had already made so many horrible statements and lies that I did not expect his constituency to continue to support him. Where I live is bad enough (politically) that I am really glad I do not live there.

He was the shithead they knew, not the new devil on the block. It’s like partners staying in an abusive relationship. The next one may be even worse, so cherish the known turd.

From some of the photos of Jim Jordan, I can’t even distinguish him from this guy.

Is that Bevis or, never mind.