Jimi Hendrix - "Crosstown Traffic" music video - What city is featured in this video?

Music video here

Seems to be the the height of the l70’s urban dystopia. When was it filmed. I know the song is 1968, but not sure of the video was filmed later.

I’m pretty sure it is New York. Where do you think it is?

It’s NYC. Interestingly, that looks like the WTC on the right in the second shot, which would be anachronistic to the shots of Jimi.

That was the WTC. Video put together by someone well after Hendrix’ death. Note the featured Limo is a type that wouldn’t appear until after his death. Most of the scenes seem to be earlly '80s NYC.

Do other cities use the term “crosstown”?

There’s also a homeless guy with a sign that says “Homeless with AIDS.” That would have been early 1980s at the earliest.

The cars are all newer than 60s models. There is even a minivan shown and they didn’t come into existence until well after the 60s.

Pittsburgh has Crosstown Boulevard.