Jimmy Eat World makes my day!

I have been hearing their song “The Middle” a lot on the radio, but not paying attention to the lyrics. Just diggin’ the poppy sound. That is, until today. Today, I listenend.

It seems that everything is gonna be alright. It just takes some time.

Praise Buddha. I love that song. I can’t get it out of my brain.

Any other good songs from Jimmy Eat World that I can download?

Frankly you should just get the whole entire album. If you like that song “The Middle”, then you will probably like the rest of the album as well. But if your looking for just another song try “Sweetness”.

Yeah, the entire album is great. I’d have to say that my favorite track is the 6th one, “Angel”(s?). Completely different sound than The Middle - harks back to their emo roots - but great nonetheless. Speaking of roots, if you want to hear Jimmy Eat World before they went poppy (although I prefer them this way), try getting some tracks from Clarity

My brother calls it the “Elephant, Elephant” song.


Clarity is one of the most heartbreaking albums I know of. It doesn’t sound too much like “The Middle” though, Bleed American is pretty different from what their sound used to be. Whatever.

Oh, yeah, you should have a listen to the entire album. “The Middle” isn’t even like the fourth or fifth best song on there.

Whenever I hear ‘The Middle’ I imagine it playing during a montage in a mid-80s teen comedy, probably starring John Cusack or Matthew Broderick…

best songs from bleed american:

a praise chorus - like the middle but better.

hear you me - (the aforementioned track#6) beautiful sad acoustic song

if you don’t, don’t - similar to the middle.

cautioners - slow-burning emo-pop. nice stuff.
or if you want to here some of their old stuff, download ‘seventeen’ off clarity. very different though.

hell, just buy it. it’s worth it.

‘Seventeen’ sucks! ‘Blister’ rules!
[sub]Also, ‘Seventeen’ isn’t on Clarity. It’s on Static Prevails.[/sub]
[sub]PS I was kidding, it doesn’t suck. It’s a good song. But ‘Blister’ and ‘Your New Aesthetic’ are still better.[/sub]

I love the Clarity album. Yes, it’s a very mellow and sorta sad album…nothing like the Bleed American album. I do enjoy a couple of songs from the B.A album like Hear You Me, and Sweetness…good to know they’re finnaly getting recognized.

Actually, I feel all the songs in the B.A. album could be a good singles and would do pretty good in the charts…my opinon.


I like the song you mentioned. I mean, depressing songs rock and everything (I’d be the first to say they did), but once in awhile you like to get a positive message, you know?

I bought the album this weekend and really like it. It’s so refreshing to finally have a band getting airplay that isn’t:

  • some suburban white kid screaming at me about how his life is shit
  • some suburban white kid whining at me about how his life is shit
  • tuneless warbling set to electronic noise.
    My god, I thought we’d forgotten that music could actually be fun to listen to. That every now and then it’s nice to have songs with lyrics that one can actually sing. I brought it to work today, and it’ll get a lot of play.