Jingle Bells, Batman smells

Jingle Bells, Batman smells,
Robin laid an egg,
The Batmobile lost a wheel,
and The Joker got away,

Did anyone every wonder who made that up? I always assumed that it was a local thing (Brooklyn), but my husband grew up outside of Boston and knew the words too. I guess what I want to know is who else knows this song, and where you’re from. Also any information on where it came from would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

“I wore an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time…”

I can remember singing that sucker back here in Toodleedoo, O-hi-ya.

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My daughters have been singing that for a couple weeks and were shocked to find out that mommy and daddy sang it when they were kids. Their version, however, has a slight variation.

“And Joker took ballet.”

I grew up in a no-hope, industrial, God-forsaken town in the Midwest (Springfield, IL) in the 70’s, and I sang it all the time; irritated my 'rents to no end.

As to where it originated - just a WAG, but this sounds like the handiwork of either a MAD magazine writer, or perhaps Walt Kelly (“Pogo”).

I submit is was written by the same genius who penned:
“Great green gobs of ooey, gooey gopher guts,
marmaladed monkey nuts
and me without my spoon.”
I remember a group of us boys pissed off a scoutmaster back in the early '70s by singing the Jingle Bell parody. He thought it was disrepectful of Christmas and Christ.
This good Christian had five children – one is a former dope fiend who was convicted of child molesting, one is a punk, one is one of the snottiest bitches I have ever met, one is a lazy slut on welfare and the fifth I can’t comment about – haven’t seen or heard of her in a couple of decades.
It just goes to show.

The Coyote gnaws …
but he does not swallow.

Here’s the version I used to sing:

Jingle Bells, Batman smells,
Robin laid an egg,
The Batmobile lost a wheel,
and The Commissioner had to pay.

I’ve always wondered why the police chief would be financially liable for damage to the batmobile.

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Hey, rasta, there’s always hope, dammit! Just turn to the all-embracing light of state government.

I grew up in the 80’s, and we were still singing it in Springfield then.

“Bodie, I noticed you stopped stuttering.”
“I’ve been giving myself shock treatments.”
“Up the voltage.”
-Real Genius

We sang it in Palos Park in the 70’s. Yes, that’s in Illinois too.

I happened to catch an episode of the animated Batman series once and almost choked when the Joker broke out in song with that little ditty! The emphasis was on the last line, because he did, in fact, “got away” (sic).

I grew up in the 70’s in San Francisco, and I remember it exactly as in the OP. And we thought we were so cool and clever.

Eighties, NY:

Jingle Bells, Batman smells
Robin laid an egg.
Batmobile lost its wheels
And Joker got away. (Hey!)

Batman’s in the kitchen,
Robin’s in the hall.
Joker’s in the bathroom,
pissing on the wall.

Pixoid! I forgot all about that one! LOL

I grew up in St. Louis in the '70s and we always sang it exactly as in the OP.

Now, does anyone remember the complete lyrics to “On Top of Spaghetti” or “The Worms Crawl In…”?

We sang it as in the OP in Bumf**k Colorado 25-30 years ago.

It does sound like some mass medium distributed the song. WAG: Mad Magazine.

In the 70s in Missouri it was “Batmobile BROKE a wheel”. But other than that, pretty much the same. I don’t remember any words after the Joker got away (hey!), though.

And the gopher guts song I learned was “Great green gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts/swimming in a pool of blood.” Other verses had “Mutilated monkey meat” or “paralyzed porpoise pus” doing the same thing.

I also learned Pixoid’s version, with second verse. But does anyone remember this one?

Jingle bells, caca smells
Grandma’s got a gun
Something something something something
Now look at them run.

Or something like that.

It topped the kindergarten hit-parade for a while over here. Did anyone else learn it, or was it just a New Mexico thing?

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I heard it in New Brunswick in the mid 70’s just like the op…
and its:
Great big globs of greasy grimy gopher guts,
Mutilated monkey meat,
dirty little birdy feet,
deepfried eyeballs,melting in a bowl of pus, and i forgot my spoon!
So I’ll use a straw…<slurp>

Well, the fact that I knew it at my school, and this is a tiny fishing village on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand we’re talking about, says a lot about how widely distributed it got.

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My husband remembers it this way:
Jingle Bells, Batman smells
Robin laid an egg,
He picks his nose with Cheerios
And eats it every day

Pixoid’s version, the 70s and Texas. We loved that one!