JJ Abrams Felicity...

So…my heart is trapped in the 90s…and I think it’s Felicity’s fault. All (meaning some) of my hopes and dreams about college were heavily influenced by this classic, underestimated cult gem.
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That’s the show that got all kinds of press when the lead character got a haircut?

Never watched it.

Yup! Her haircut wrecked ratings.

I’m surprised this is getting so few replies. I LUURVED the first season of the show, but sadly I was one of the ones who stopped watching when she got her hair cut. I recently obtained the DVDs and was going to start from the last episode and work my way backwards through the series, but alas I never found the time. Perhaps one day I’ll get around to it.

Oh, Felicity… swoon

This is, hands down, my favorite show of all time. Despite a handful of pretty outlandish plot devices, all of the characters are pretty lovable and the dialog is generally witty. And the soundtrack/score is awesome! I still have a terrible crush on Keri Russell.

I just want to watch it because of how crazy they went with the last season. I similarly started watching Roseanne for that. Normally I couldn’t stand the show.

The last season went completely insane, but was somehow awesome. Time travel shouldn’t work for an otherwise straight-up drama, but somehow it did.

Never watched it but since I’ve liked several of JJ’s later series, I wish some channel would rerun it so I could. I’m not gonna buy DVD’s and don’t have netflix or anything.

Yeah, that last season is essentially impossible to describe without making the show sound like an absolute train wreck, but I loved every last minute of it.

I don’t know how, but you guys have now made me want to watch Felicity. And in another thread someone’s convinced me (finally) about Parks and Recreation.

Couldn’t you lot have done this at the beginning of Summer?