JLU 6/18/05 (USA) "Hunter's Moon"

Justice League Unlimited - sadly, we’re off the Cadmus subplot for this episode, but we do get some nice resolution of the John/Vixen/Shayera triangle - well, a little.

And Vigilante gets a LOT of screentime, makes me laugh half a dozen times, and moves up into the ranks of my favorite characters on the show. (Nathan Fillion - great casting.)

That was Nathan Fillion doing the voice? No wonder I liked Vigilante so much. :smiley:

'Scuse me. I have to go watch the episode again …

I’m impressed at how the writers took a low-tech cowboy and depicted him in a manner that allows him to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with mystics, alien warriors and armored juggernauts.


Decent episode, but I was more interested at the brief shot of Plastic Man in the credits. I thought there was a legal issue with PM.

Favorite lines:
GL: Do you know what I could do to you with this ring?
Vixen: Promises, promises…

I have a dirty mind. :slight_smile: Besides, I’m sure its’ crossed all our minds at least once.

—Please, no one take this the wrong way, because I LIKE the guy, but…why the hell did the JLU hire Vigilante? He’s undisciplined, insubordinate, and he wields a pair of .45 handguns…which he can’t even seem to hit anyone with. I mean, he just doesn’t seem like Justice League material. Were they just snatching up all the superheroes they could, just to keep tabs on 'em, or something? (You know, the “better to have him inside the tent pissing out then outside the tent pissing in” strategy?)

—Vixen’s comment about “why do you assume I know anything about the jungle”—um, because your power is summoning the spirits/strengths of wild beasts, and wear a lot of jewelry made from animal teeth?

So, my prediction for the climax of this Justice League season… [spoiler]The anti-superhero conspiracy brings down the JLU juust as the aliens that vanquished Thanagar show up to conquer Earth. Whoops.

So, in the end, the supers prove their worth—after the Doom Patrol/Suicide Squad/Ultimen fails spectacularly—and the public/government relearns the value of the JLU when they protect Earth from destruction, and hopefully, Amanda Waller gets eaten by something with ten arms and and a carapace.[/spoiler]

Are you kidding? Vigilante displayed incredible marksmanship when Task Force X infiltrated the satellite. He also held his own against Deadshot, dirty fighter and marksman extraordinaire. And this week’s episode demonstrated that offers a lot more than just combat skills.

Having said that, I will agree that he needs to have better firearms than a pair of six-shooters. Good grief, does he expect to reload everytime he has to lay down covering fire when fighting off the Thanagarian hordes?

Red bandana over mouth == no lipsync.

And this week, he also failed to hit half a dozen people standing twenty feet away, most of whom weren’t wearing body armor. AND at one point, he was shooting blindly, by his own admission.

Again, I like the guy, but it seems a little dangerous to have a guy around who’ll just start spraying lead around madly. Especially odd, considering how averse the Justice League is to using lethal force. (And there’s founding member Batman, who doesn’t like killing OR firearms. Would he freak out if he had to partner with Vig?)

Again, I like him as a hero. He just doesn’t seem to be the type of hero the JL would want to hire.

Vigilante is also a good singer (according to James Robinson) and a great cook (according to Grant Morrison). I’m sure those factors make him a pleasant guy to have around.

Wolfian : Plastic Man? I didn’t notice… argh!

Regarding Vigilante’s Guns - he opens them up at one point in this episode, revealing six red points of light chambered where the bullets should be.

Speculation : his bullets are not, in fact, bullets, but tiny energy-blast devices. The revolver’s nature allows him to cycle through six of them, so they each get a cool-down period. He’d only need to reload when each of the devices was out of juice.

Since he seems to fire tiny red bolts (which could represent bullets, I suppose) and never reloads (in the grand tradition of Western heroes everywhere) I’d say this fits.

HE had a movie serial, back in the day. Thus, he simply forgot he has unlimited bullets. Also, once he get used to how guns are used in cartoons, rather then in real life, he’ll get alot better. :slight_smile:

I saw a red suit being inflated and a pair of black “groovy” googles being snapped into place. I also remember a bunch of guys in white lab coats standing around. Maybe they’re giving him the Power Girl treatment with PM being the clone of Elastic Man. Or maybe they’re making him by themselves. Or maybe I’m wrong. Its’ happened before.

Ranchoth: Hey, he wasn’t shooting blindly. He was “just keeping them honest.” :slight_smile:

No, he was giving away their position. :wink:

Filler episode, which I wasn’t exactly fond of as I like the Cadmus storyline. Also, I thought John Stewart was very out of character dealing with the Martian Manhunter.

Just rewatched the credits - no sign of anyone Plas-like. I’m not even sure what you saw, Wolfian.

Footnote : This episode, as it occurs to me now, reunites Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres. On a space mission.

I liked this episode. though I Did first see it when it first ran on YTV. ok not when it first ran, after some guy uploaded it on Emule, but it was still 2 months ago. ANYway, I like the end where Hawkgirl and Vixen share a drink and Hawkgirl admits she’s going after john again, and my the best woman win. That GL is a lucky lucky guy :wink: