JLU- 7/16/05 (spoilers)

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I liked it. I liked the way Brainiac was handled. I liked the throwback to the old Brainiac/Luthor teamups.

I liked the dopplegangers (Reverse Flash and Wondergirl!).

I liked the big fight scene.

I liked the whole darn thing (sure, there was a little cheese, but that is expected in a melodramatic genre).

I do think this isn’t the end of Brainiac. I am relatively certain he is inside WW (insert fanboy whistles here).

By the way, was this the season finale? What comes next?

The season finale is next week. It takes place 50 years in the future.

I did a little checking and there’s supposed to be a 5th season.

Awesome. That is such a quality show.

And rumor has it that the next season introduces the JLU equivalent of the Legion of Doom!

Could be VERY interesting, especially given the current multi-title uber-plot of villains working together in the comics.

We’ve already seen them, way back when it was just Justice League.

Actually, we’ve seen them twice. The Injustice League and the Secret Society of Supervillains (the traditional “anti-Justice Leagues”) have both appeared. Which isn’t to say that having a pile of villains get together and work out how to take down the Justice League in a wildly escalating conflict wouldn’t make a cool season long meta-plot.

Things I want out of a next season of Justice League include a return of Darkseid, another Giffen/McGuire JLI homage episode (the Booster Gold episode was fun, but I’d like another with more of the team), and the Spectre or Phantom Stranger who should be good for at least one episode and have been noticiably abscent throughout the entire series.

One more thing; it was about time that they really cut loose with the Flash. When Wally dashed away I thought he was going to pick up fourty other heroes who would procede to fight Brainiac in a massive brawl. And then he struck Brainiac from behind and I was strongly reminded what makes these characters so cool…

Most of the dopplegangers were the Justice Lords, the Justice League from a parallel universe. In that universe Wally was dead so we never saw his Justice Lords counterpart. Making Zoom his counterpart here was awesome. Wow, that is the old Wonder Girl outfit! Didn’t notice the first time around.

Another nice touch: GL and Hawkgirl taking out some aggression on the dopplegangers of each other.

This was totally the Flash’s episode. I heard rumors that he died in this season so when he got all the awesome lines in this one I thought he was done for. Nice Crisis homage with Wally’s apparent demise.

Its’ nice to see an original seven episode. Little things like Wally’s wise-cracking, Hawkgirl being the first to reach in for Wally (they always had a fun, back and forth banter), and Bruce telling Diana that “[she] had his number” are so much more siginifigant considering the history they have which each other and the viewers and with them.

Mad props to Dwayne McDuffie. Keep it up!
The last shot in the credits of John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and Kama Tui flying in formation: have we seen that before or is it a promo for the next season?

I don’t think it was Zoom, it could have been that Wally kept his Kid Flash colors as opposed to adopting Barry’s costume.

Makes sense. I wish TW would put the whole series out on DVD instead of this piecemeal crap they have going!

I thought it was Zoom. Wasn’t the Barry Allen Flash put on trial for killing Zoom the same way - thrusting his hand into Zoom’s heart?

No, Barry broke Zoom’s neck.

Zoom killed Iris by vibrationg her brain.

And those were definitely Zoom’s colors.

Nope, he broke Zoom’s neck.

Why would it be Zoom? If Brainic/Luthor’s pulling Justice Lords, why would he pull Zoom? It doesn’t make any sense. The most logical and simple answer is, that Wally kept his uniform’s original color: Yellow and modified it into a verison of Barry’s uniform…which is what Zoom’s is.

Thanks for the correction, Menocchio and holmes.

And no one has mentioned the big shout-out to Watchmen at the end?

Or, as translated to avoid ticking off Alan Moore, “Who Guards the Guardians?”

No, no. I didn’t mean that that was actually Zoom. He didn’t talk or move anything like Zoom as cool as that would be (Yoooooour justakid, Waaaaally). Heck, they managed to work in Zatana talking backwards in the Tartus/Annhilator episode. I was just saying that the dup-pel-gaaang-grr (round your mouth, Mike) was wearing Zoom’s outfit, just as Wonder Woman’s counterpart was wearing Wonder Girl’s outfit but wasn’t Wonder Girl.

By the way, isn’t screaming each others’ real names in front of freakin’ Luthor a bad thing? Zee, brainwipe on aisle 2. Zee, aisle 2.

Yes, it does. It’s a nod and a wink to the fans. That’s all.

And I have to agree with everyone who has said that those were definitely Zoom’s colors.

Wally was wearing Zooms colours, but it wasn’t supposed to be Zoom. Wolfian was right, they were the Justice Lords. If anyone has not seen that episode, A Better World, you need to. It was the starting point for the whole Cadmus story line of JLU.

Does the Luthor/Brainiac hybrid have a name?


The classic Kid Flash costume is not uniformly yellow, with a red belt and highlights. It’s yellow on top, red on the legs. Wally’s double was in Zoom’s costume.

The former. I believe that’s a clip from “The Return”, specifically when the GL Corps arrived on Earth to confront Amazo.