Joan of Arcadia 10/22, Or Let the Mudslinging Begin

Our Joan gets involved in school politics.

More ripples, then, :slight_smile: I hope we see more Grace and her mysterious alcoholic mother.

St. Louis JoA fans, beware. According the the Post-Dispatch, Joan is being pre-empted tonight so they can show their Sunday morning Zoo show in prime time. It will be rebroadcast at 2:30am — yes, that’s in the morning, or real late at night, depending on your point of view.

11:35pm here (right now it is a senatorail debate)
I live in MN but I get Wisconsin TV, so its a debate between two people I can’t vote for.


What a cool show!

I like how Joan recognized the consequences of her actions, but needed Helen, who was older and wiser (yet, I can see myself reacting the same way she did) to help her see that.

And the ripples…if Joan had refused God’s suggestion she get involved in the campaign, Adam wouldn’t have gotten a cool job at a graphics design firm!

And when Luke tried to talk to Grace about her mother, and she didn’t say a word, but you could see the emotions flitting across her face…my goodness. What talented actors.

There seemed to be a time discontinuty at the courthouse…Will and Kevin chat, then Will leaves to talk to the DA, then he ends up at the station house, having a bit of a disagreement with Mary Jo Sheriff, then he goes back to the courthouse, where Kevin is still reporting.

And what’s up with the lawsuit from his drunk-driving friend?

It was OK, but a bit too cut and dried. Until the ending.

Loved Joan and Helen: “Pound cake?” “Well, just a bite” “We’re bummed. We’re going to eat it all.” “Well, then, we’ll need ice cream and chocolate sauce, too.” “You need more chocolate sauce. So do I.”

Then Adam’s news, confirming JanitorGod’s pronoucement that, just by getting involved, she had an effect.

I stepped out of the room for a moment, and missed whatever it was that had Grace telling Luke he was wonderful… it looked as though he was fighting for her honor, but I really don’t know exactly what happened. Can someone fill me in?

Best line of the show: “It’s Dianne…she’s come to kill you and dip you in shellaq!”

A couple of Lars’ friends were going around, defacing Beumont’s posters and giving him a hard time every time they saw him. Grace got up in their face, and told Luke not to worry, they wouldn’t hit a girl. At which time they said something like, “You’re not a girl” and shoved her across the hall. Then Luke got in the middle of it, and he also got shoved across the hall. He landed next to Grace, she put a hand on his knee, probably all aquiver that he tried to defend her honor, and they both started laughing at it, saying “That was wonderful.” I was pissed that the bullies seemed to get away with hurting Our Heroes, but then when I saw that Luke and Grace seemed to like the brouhaha, I realized that they had won the kerfluffle after all, by laughing about it.


Liked: the politics, Joan’s discovery and what she did with it, Annie Pott’s response to Kevin’s investigation, Grace’s emotions, Adam’s Joy.

I did not like Helen’s guilt. The young lady was clearly in the wrong. If you’re going to be an artist you should run away from censorship as fast as you can. If she can’t handle art that differs from her beliefs she’s never going to be comfortable making a living in the field.

Not bad…not bad at all.

“I’m eating your half!” :smiley:

I thought the offended young woman was “Darlene” ? I might have heard it wrong, though.

Which religious beliefs are we talking about in regard to the dead animal and its use in the art piece? Anybody know?

I liked seeing Adam get really teed off. That’s another side of him.

Looks like they’re going to delve more deeply into Grace and her mom next week. Maybe one of these days we’ll get to see the woman.

Ah, I knew the Friedman would be memorizing Hamlet bit by bit. It’ll take him the rest of the academic year if he keeps giving it to Judith line by line!

How about the refernces to the Godfather movies?(Horse head and another one I can’t remember) Mantengna was in Godfather 3.

Which religious beliefs are we talking about in regard to the dead animal and its use in the art piece? Anybody know?


Purely WAG on my part…Jehovah’s Witnesses?

I just watched it this morning - we went camping with the Cub Scouts over the weekend (25 families, freezing cold, but we had a blast), so I taped it and watched it today.
I also caught that time goof that you mentioned ivylass. It seemed a bit jarring.

I was also wondering about the family’s religion. They seemed too “white-bread” to be something like Hindu. I didn’t even think of Jehovah’s Witness; thanks for reminding me of that one.

I loved the interaction between Luke and Grace after the scuffle. I also hope we get to see a plotline about her mother.
Just out of curiosity, I went to IMDB and looked up the actress who plays Grace; in her close-ups, I thought she looked older than 16 or 17. Turns out she’s really 29.

I will be out of pocket beginning Thursday night. I will need someone to start this Friday’s thread.

I could start it just to get it in motion, but I won’t be seeing it till later that night or the next day due to tape issues and other shows.

I’m in league with lavenderlemon—I couldn’t understand why Helen had so much guilt. The administration was caving in for fear of bad press and a lawsuit.

Why are you looking at me? Okay, I’ll do it.

The way I understood the scene, Helen felt guilty because she wouldn’t let Darlene speak her mind about the piece. The idea of art is to be open to all ideas, including the question, “Is it art?” Helen merely shot Darlene down, rather than lead a discussion of what art is and can be, and including Darlene’s ideas as a valid, if unpopular, viewpoint.

Thank you, m’dear.

Only nineteen posts, four of which are setting up next week’s thread, and one other which was a “thank you”?

Must have been a mediocre episode.