Joan of Arcadia 11/5, Or Sorry I'm Late

We’re having a Festival in my tiny little town this weekend, and my folks have a couple of spaces to sell their wares. I took today off to help them, and my goodness, between hitting the stores to hunt down another folding table, arranging their displays, and running Ivygirl to guitar lessons and back, I’m exhausted.

I’ve taped but not yet watched Joan. Don’t worry about spoiler boxes, though, I’ll be back after the Festival and after I’ve watched the show.



I haven’t managed to catch a single episode – not one single episode – this whole season.

I wasn’t disappointed, but I feel so lost and unfamiliar with everybody. :frowning: I’ll try to remember next week, too.

PBS-God is a hottie. Not as hot as Cute-GuyGod, but hot.


I’ll be back tomorrow. It’s taped. Thank goodness I have two VCRs.

Boy, we’re a bunch of slackers this week, aren’t we? :wink:
I had to tape it, too, and won’t be able to watch it till later this afternoon.

Be back then!

I finally watched the tape. Good ep., much better than last week’s show.


Grace is continuing to be conflicted about her mom and about Luke helping her; it’s very believable.

The lawsuit business drags on; I hope it isn’t going to go on all season.

In the next to last scene, I was afraid Helen would really get together with the old flame; thank goodness I was wrong.

Joan really jumped the gun; I feel more sympathetic towards Judith these days; and Adam is heartbreakingly good in the last scene when he’s watching the old videos.

I had to grab the tissues on that one. My God, how does this show do it every week?

I would have liked to see Helen meet up with Jeremy, then realize home-cooking is best. Not that she wouldn’t know that, but her goody-goodiness gets a wee bit tiring. They need a shark for a lawyer, and I think Will and Kevin are right to keep her somewhat out of the loop on the lawsuit. I don’t think she’s strong enough to be as nuclear as they need to be.

Is it just me, or does the New Sheriff in Town seem to be making a play for Will? Playing golf with him, trying to help him on his lawsuit, caressing his hand? I foresee a bit of trouble there.

SilverFire, Judith is a girl that Joan met at “Crazy Camp,” where she went after her hospitalization for Lyme Disease. Her parents are psychiatrists, it is implied they are fairly well-off and somewhat distant in her life.

Grace revealed to Luke that her mother is an alcoholic.

The Girardis are being sued by Kevin’s friend’s family. This is the boy who drove drunk and caused Kevin’s paralysis. They’re claiming emotional damage, and when Kevin went to see him, he declared that Kevin should have stopped him from driving drunk. :rolleyes:

I can understand Joan jumping to conclusions. She and Adam had just had an argument about how they never had time for each other, Judith jumps in to help when Joan can’t, and Joan was not able to hear that they were talking about her and how great she is.

Nice to see Friedman more than just the comic relief of teenage boy sexual angst. I felt a bit of warmth toward him. Just a bit, mind you. I don’t want to go overboard. :wink:

That last scene with Adam left me in tears. I love the way Judith and Adam talked about Joan.


I agree with your assessement of Helen. Doesn’t she ever mad and be a human being?

She got mad at Aunt Olive, justifiably so, in my opinion. Of course, afterward, she felt guilty.