Joan of Arcadia 2/11, or Joan Looks for Romance

The promos hint at a straying of the ways for Adam and Joan (haven’t we been there before?) while the CBS synopsis has God asking Joan to research romance poets for extra credit.

On a separate topic, I have noticed a waning of interest in this show, based on the number of posts after the show airs. While I love this show and will continue to watch it, I’d rather not tire the hamsters if there’s not a shared interest in discussing it. Does anyone get anything out of discussing Joan? Or should I make this the last one? I will admit I will be horribly disappointed if that is the case.

Please let me know. In any event, I will see you at 9pm!

I just have to mention that my friend Michelle plays God on tonight’s episode, so I hope everyone enjoys it!

Really! How do you know her? Has she been in anything else? Has she talked about her experience with filming the show?

We went to college together; I’ve known her for a few years. She’s had a bunch of bit parts, on things like Six Feet Under and Without a Trace. She filmed the JoA episode only a few weeks ago, and we haven’t talked much since then, so I haven’t really talked to her about how filming went. But if I hear any dirt (that I can share), I’ll let you know!

Just to let you know, ivylass, that I and my wife are loyal Joan watchers, and I look forward to your Joan posts. Unfortunately, by the time I get to them, other posters have usually made any points I might have. I don’t know anyone else in the real world who watches the show, and I like reading the exchanges here.

Kind of ironic, isn’t it, that you can be an atheist and a Joan fan at the same time.

I watch the show and enjoy reading comments, even if I don’t always post in the thread.

ugh! another Duff sister

Please don’t stop. I always subscribe to the Joan threads even when I don’t post. And I promise to post more often in the future.

I couldn’t watch last week’s show, so I tivo’ed it…but for some reason, the whole Hillary Duff thing didn’t appeal to me and I haven’t got around to watching it. I can’t watch tonight’s show live either, and I have to say what I’ve heard of the plot for tonight bugs me enough that I don’t know if I want to watch it either.

I usually read the thread, even if I don’t post.

Actually, I’m watching it now.

Damn, Kevin asked out THE NUN?!?!?!?!

Well, then we shall continue to be the few, the proud, the Joan fans. :slight_smile:

Best line of the show, “I’m straight, and you’re not a nun anymore.” That just opens up a whole realm of possibilities, doesn’t it!

So Lucyfer is going to Washington. Methinks this isn’t the last we hear from her.

I’m glad Lily wasn’t bowled over by Kevin’s charm. I foresee a lovely rocky relationship there.

The thing I got from Adam and Joan is that they are both very immature. I know they’re still in high school, but Joan succumbing to a kiss and Adam hiring an assistant to make Joan jealous…I wanted to shake both of them. But it was interesting to see how the other couples handled their relationships. Kevin was still cocky but Lily was having none of that, and Helen and Will solved their crisis admirably. I was very squicked out by Roger kissing Joan. He is too old for her, mentally if not biologically. Go away, Roger. Go far far away.

Hardly any Grace and Luke, although apparently the biology closet is famous now.

Rik, don’t worry. There was a lot less of Duff Sister #2 in this show. It hardly focused on her. It was much better than last week.

Next week’s show looks very interesting. Something about Joan sneaking away to a concert.

Is it just me, or does Roger look like Brendan Fraser?

Did anyone notice that it was just after Lily was talking about the nature of evil, beautiful, seductive, that Roger kissed Joan? I caught a direct correlation between evil and roger, and evil and Lucy.


That’s why I like discussing this show. You guys pick up on subtleties that I miss.

I did like Lily telling Helen, “No, you’re not intuitive. You’re just a woman…and an artist.”

This episode redeemed itself in the last fifteen minutes. The first part was kind of meh but the closing scenes were very moving.

I liked how the former nun was honest with Kevin. She treated him like an adult.

I hope that’s the last we see of Lucyfur. She was one of the worst characters to ever appear on the show.

I’m new to posting but an long-time fan of Joan. I’m glad to see other fans here!

I thought tonight’s episode was pretty good. I love how well the show portrays real teenage relationships and feelings. Though some of the kid characters have gotten a little bit “caricature” lately, I feel it’s kept at bay more than in most TV dramas. I think Joan and Adam have a very realistic high school relationship, and though I sometimes get jealous (I wish I had met an Adam Rove when I was in high school!), episodes like tonight’s reassure me that their situation isn’t completely airbrushed for TV. Yay for nuanced conflict that can’t be solved in sixty minutes!

Also wanted to say–yes, Roger is definitely Brendan Fraser! Will and Helen continue to be awesome, I looooove the Kevin/Lily storyline (saw it coming months ago :wink: ), and finally Friedman may get some love! He deserves the Duff. (Or was Adam just fooling us there? I may have missed something.) And speaking of evil, has anyone else pointed out the Lucy/Lucifer connection? Don’t know, thought it was kind of interesting.

Hope to see more Luke/Grace next time, but it looks to be an interesting episode in any case!

I like the stance on the nature of evil: subtle, seductive, and slippery.

The Kevin / Lily was foreshadowed, I’m glad they went out. And I hope Kevin tries again.

Yes, Roger does look like Brendan Frasier.

I’m kinda glad that Adam was trying (or at least OK with) Joan’s jealosy, makes it so both Adam and Joan are guilty.

Stevie is interested in Friedman? That can’t end well.


I picked up Lucy/Lucyfer because that’s what they call her over at Television Without Pity, a superb recapping site.

Joan and Adam’s relationship has always felt a little too advanced for me – planning their entire future together. I’m glad that they scaled back a little in this episode.

From the way Lucy described her transfer. It sounds as if she is a book of Job Satan (working for God) rather than a freelancing Catholic Satan (in opposition to God). She said that order for her transfer was from higher up.

Handsome collage guys can find attractive college woman no problem. Roger’s hitting on Joan was creepy. Satan as the serpent, tempting Adam’s girlfriend.

Kudos to the show for not taking the easy way out and making Joan’s kiss with Roger part of a dream sequence. When I saw that kiss in last week’s previews, I thought that would turn out to be the case.

If this were not such a God-centric show, I would probably have viewed Lucy’s exit as abrupt. But in a God-centric show, it makes sense; God had made his point – that Will and Helen needed to start communicating – so there wasn’t any reason for Lucy to be around anymore.

I wish Haylie Duff wasn’t on the show. She’s kind of funny-looking.

Good riddance to the boss lady–I gotta say that.

I enjoyed Joan’s daydreaming sequences and scenarios.

It was a realistic crisis in the relationship between Joan and Adam, nicely portrayed.

I tend to be late to this thread because Friday night is a busy one for me, what with taping this and ENT for Aes, watching both, and finally getting here when I’m done with my clogged inboxes. But I will be here every week!