Job ideas for the jaded office drone

Oh great minds, please offer advice and suggestions –

Background – after 10+ years of corporate America work I now know, what I always felt, I hate 50-60 hour weeks in an office, playing politics, being lost in a system, working for someone else. My motivation is near zero. I have a job offer for more money, and I don’t even want to take it, cause it’s just more of the same somewhere else. My passion is my own small side business that I started about a year ago, that is growing but not near able to support me. I have a chance to be laid off soon, which will come with several months of pay plus some nice stock vesting. I feel this could be an opportunity to take a chance and try to expand my business, and do what I really want.

But, for safety sake, I would love to find a lower stress, part time or work from home job, that could help with the cashflow, but not interfere with running a business as much as a full time commuting job will (need to be able to answer the phone or make callbacks during the day, pack shipments and get to the post office during the day, etc) Marketing, expansion, etc can be done during off hours, etc.

Any ideas for something that will pay more than $10/hr retail jobs - something that could get me $25-40K per year at least? I am a college graduate, MBA, able to handle physical tasks, and a quick learner. I have a finance background, but am not a CPA/Accounting expert. I live in the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area. Looking for some creative ideas!

Drive a school bus? I don’t know how much it would pay though. (Sorry - that’s the only thing I could think of.)

Drive a truck? Open road, CB radio (do truckers still use this or is it all cell phone and mobile broadband now?), constantly changing scenery, and you just gotta get that stuff to Chicago - no sucking up to supervisors to get more funds.

I thought of some version of this - can’t do long haul type stuff and run my business though, but I was going to look at part time delivery truck type stuff, though I don’t think it pays much.

I saw an ad for my local USPS needing a rural route contractor. 9 hours a day, for $95. And you use your own car and pay for gas! What?!?! Thats like working for $5/hr!!

I thought of it also, a neighbor did that (both he and his wife) after retiring. Not really all that sure I could handle a giant bus of screaming kids, but its something to consider! thanks!

With an MBA you may be able to find an adjunct instructor position at a community college, perhaps teaching introductory business classes or Microsoft Office classes. You may find positions where you’ll teach anywhere from one to twelve credits a semester. Time off during summers and other breaks is a bonus.

Although I’m a full-time CC instructor, I found that teaching was a good cure for being burnt out from office politics. (Not that there’s no politics in academia…) But being around eager (?!?) learners where you’re in charge and the one who knows the answers is a confidence booster.

I’d think that having a position like that on your resume would help your business legitimacy as well.

Ah yes! I had actually thought of this idea a few years ago, but had forgot about it. That is a great idea, and something I will definitely look into.