Job recruiter contacts ?

I get emails from people asking me if I want to apply for a job and I say yes. Then I never hear back from them after I say yes. Is this a common thing? Not sure I know why they do this. Are they just sending emails to meet some kind of quota and don’t really need to fill a job?

I’m wondering this myself. These days, I have enough experience and skills in a fairly hot field, so I get a lot of recruiter calls. But it seems like half of them are from the same damn agency “Triple Crown Consulting”, who have called me like 50 times. But when I tentatively express interest in something, I never get a callback or even a phone interview.

So if I don’t meet the cut for this agency’s available positions, fine. But stop calling me, then! Not only do I find it annoying, it makes me wonder how this agency even turns a profit.

Is the email personalized in any reasonable way, or is it just spam? Does it include information which would come from your resume? Does it describe the job in detail?
If they send out 10,000 of these things, no surprise that you don’t hear back from them. You’d either have to be a perfect match, which would be sheer chance, or have responded very early.

I have submitted my resume to three recruiting companies. Two of them called me to have a more in depth conversation of what I was looking for and my salary requirements.

You want to make sure that the recruiter is a retained recruiter, meaning Acme Company is paying them to fill the role of VP of Widget Manufacturing. I think the other kind is contingency (?) which means it’s really no different from you applying yourself.

When I was employed, we had a temp position available. I had recruiters call me to see if I was interested. Um, you want me to quit my full time manager position to apply for a job in the SAME department as a temp with less pay. Did you even LOOK at my resume??

Remember, recruiters work for the company, so their priority is to fill positions, not get YOU a job.

Yes, it appears to be common now. Even on LinkedIn, I’ve been getting what appear to be semi-personalized messages from companies asking to set up a call to discuss a position. More than a couple of times, I never hear back. I know that there is software that allows people to send mass “personalized” messages through LinkedIn, so I suspect that’s what they are doing.

This. The vast majority of cold contacts from “recruiters” are from bottom-feeding staffing firms who have no relationship with the company that’s hiring – they have found the position on the same job boards you have access to, and they have exactly as much influence with the company as all the people who have the same access.

A much smaller percentage come from staffing firms that were hired to solicit and filter résumés so the company only sees high-quality applicants. You can often tell who these are because the position is not advertised – they get the job description and requirements directly from the company, and the company promises exclusivity for some period of time.

True head-hunter firms have a stable of high-quality professionals with up-to-date CVs, and get hired to fill high-level positions for which the best applicants won’t even talk to staffing firms. – your directors, VPs, and C-level types.

I never paid attention to LinkedIn messages. I’m still getting recruiting messages though my LinkedIn profile says “Retired” in large, friendly letters.

I am still getting these messages about jobs that seem to go nowhere after I reply that I am interested. Some are linkedin but others are email or phone calls.