Jodie Foster kinda sorta comes out

Found this on IMDB:

Does anyone else find it bizarre that Rupert Everett seems to enjoy talking about other entertainers who aren’t “gay enough” for him?

Even though I’m sure it’s still hard, Hollywood seems to be about the most welcoming sort of environment you can come out in. I’ll be impressed when a major sports star on the level of Kobe Bryant or Alex Rodriguez comes out, BEFORE retirement.

Standard celebrity behavior. Whatever story there is, they try to put themselves in the middle of it. Jodie Foster says something and Rupert Everett says something about it in an effort to get people talking about him rather than her.

That’s now how it seems to me. Rather, he’s downplaying the significance of it, suggesting it’s not a particularly newsworthy event. I’m inclined to agree. That may change if Foster uncharacteristically starts becoming very vocally pro-gay but as long as she stays subtle about it, there’s nothing to see, here.

I thought Foster was in a long-term relationship with a guy named Oscar.

Most of the gossip sites just quote those three sentences from Rupert Everett–without context. “She is 45 and just couldn’t be bothered anymore. After a certain age you can be gay in Hollywood. Before that, it’s not only not good, it’s impossible.” Not exactly stinging criticism. And not exactly false, unfortunately.

Even out here in the boonies, I doubt anybody is surprised. And she’s hardly milking it for publicity–her career is doing just fine.

One explanation for the disclosure:

I’d be turned off of men too if I was being pimped out by a guy named Sport at age 12…

Probably some “journalist” shoved a mike in Rupert Everett’s face. Then edited his response to make an snarky comment.

I doubt Everett issued a press release.

From the IMDb: “Has been in a serious relationship with Cydney Bernard since they met in 1993 on the set of the movie Sommersby.”

Does that mean I’m gay if I rub one out while thinking of Jodie Foster?

Jodie Foster gay? I am stunned - stunned, I tell you. :rolleyes:

I bet John Hinckley, Jr. is just mortified. It’s always embarassing when you start turning on the charm and buy someone a drink or make an assassination attempt, and then you find out and it’s all like “oh gosh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know! Boy, is my face red!”

Chasing Jodie?

Not Jodie Foster
For that would cost her
Her movie stardom for good.
Before I lose my mind
You’ve got to help me find
Who’s Gay In Hollywood?

Saying someone is beautiful and thanking them for sticking with you is coming out now?

I need to watch what I say, apparently.

Everett has a point. Itr’s not particularly significant. It wasn’t much of a secret and Foster has been kind of a chickenshit about it for most of her career. It’s low risk for her to come out now that she’s becoming kind of a has been.

Now, if Foster had thanked Bernard for giving her “the big one, the last 14 years”, that would be newsworthy.

According to Wikipedia, she has six movies coming out (heh) in the next two years. Granted no one has tried to kill a president over her lately, but she seems to be making more films lately then in previous years, so hardly a has-been.

Not sure that there’s much risk now-a-days for actors to come out even at the height of their careers though, unless its someone like George Clooney or Brad Pitt who relies on his appeal as a sex symbol to draw woman to the theater.

I always just thought it wasn’t somthing she needed to announce - it was just known?

She didn’t “announce” it. She thanked a dear person in her life the way thousands of other people have thanked people in their life while accepting an award or honor. It’s the press and bloggers and message board people who are making it into an “announcement” by Jodie Foster.

And fucking hell, Jodie Foster has never been and never will be, a “has been.” There aren’t enough eye-roll smileys in the universe.