Joe Biden endorses John McCain

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After months of trying to distract Americans from real issues by talking about things like the economy, the Obama campaign finally is forced to address something that’s important to the American people: Joe Biden’s fundraising speeches. It seems that Senator Biden has compared Barack O’Bama to John Kennedy, an unpopular president whom nobody liked. He also said that the new president would be “tested” by a crisis within the first six months. And finally, that if O’Bama is elected, he will “need help”.

Let’s deal with that last message first. We don’t want a president who needs help. We want a president who will take charge. One who will tell everyone in the room to shut up. One who will panic the way we do, and drop everything to handle whatever is on his plate at that time. John McCain set a good example by flying to New York for a Katie Couric interview when the economic meltdown began. We don’t want someone who talks to people and gets other ideas.

Second, we don’t want a president who will be tested. None of our other presidents have ever been tested, so why should we start with this one. Especially since he is a socialist, a terrorist, a radical leftist, and yes let’s just say it — he is black. Blacker than ebony. Blacker than tar. He’s so black that his secret service agents can’t find him at night. Now, I’m not saying that being black is a bad thing. I personally know someone who is black, and he’s not as bad as you might think. But as Rush Limbaugh says, these blacks hang together and endorse each other. Like Colin Powell, the former general and former decent person, has done.

And finally, Hitler. Nazis. Liberal democrats. Baby killers. Elite snobs.

Hey, you keep talking about my family like that, I’m going to have to ask you to take it outside.

The Aristocrats!

Paging Aruvqan…gale warning!

There is some reason you think they wont test McCain. Or later Palin. Probe your enemy.
I suspect Kennedy was tested. Carter ,tested by Iran.

Whoa, glad it was Lib, I thought maybe Rush had registered an account here.

McCain was tested for 5 and a half years.

Palin would not be tested, she would just be walked right over. McCain would not be tested. He would be testy.


“I understood there would be no math.”

Wouldn’t you love to have Jon Stewart interview John McCain with the opening question, “That’s a hell of an act. What do you call yourselves?”

Disregard this part if you are black. If so, you should note that Obama’s mother is white and his father is an Arab so he’s not really one of you. Stay home on Election Day and watch some TV instead of voting.

I agree that Biden deserves a Pitting for sticking his damn foot in his mouth once again. That was a really, really stupid thing to say. It sounds even more stupid when you listen to the audio-- his tone sounds ominous.

YouTube link.

Obama will heal hlim. at the appropriate time.

Actually his voice sounds like it is coming out of a tin can.

Meh. Not that stupid.

Every new President is tested to some extent by a handful of tin-plated dictators with fantasies of United Nations speaking engagements. McCain would have been poked mercilessly from the deserts and jungles by self-important goons trying to get the hothead to boil over into ill-considered foolishness. Biden’s only mistake here was particularizing his statement instead of speaking more broadly.

Liberal, you are a great man and the king of snark. I’m not going to excuse you from execution once I am god-king of Earth, but I will order that your murder be painless and will shed a tear once it’s over.

Well, yeah. He particularized it to be precisely about Obama. Now, you may think that every president is going to be tested, and that may well be true. But that’s not what Biden said. He said that there would be an international crisis generated because of Obama’s age and experience level. Something that, we are forced to assume, would not happen to a McCain administration.

The McCain “hothead” meme is not, AFAIK, generally understood to be true by the general voting public. Obama’s relative youth and experience level is. At any rate, when Biden makes the hothead comment about McCain we can weigh in on that.

Awww…you really do like him!

Exactly. More than ever, we need McCain’s experience. Sometimes the president has to bail out of his plane in foreign countries, or cheat on his wife, or go on vacations with people robbing the country blind.

McCain knows how to do all those things. He knows how to win wars. Just look at all the wars he has won! He knows how to fix the economy. If you don’t believe it, just ask him. But most important of all, he knows how to catch Bin Laden. And all we have to do to find out how is elect him. Nobody would dare test an old person because old people are feisty, and dictators are scared of them. I just hope he gets elected so he can go in and kick some Spanish ass, just like we did in 1898.

Fucking uppity Spaniards. What did we ever see in them anyway?