Joe Millionnaire 2: someone parse these names

So, european whores are flauting everything for their 15 minutes of fame. That’s not surprising. The names are though. The whores have astoundingly shitty names.

Now, in the US it is no longer laughed upon to name your daughter “Madison” (altho it should be). In the US, apparently it is ok to name your kid lexis. But we’re discussing euro-whores here.

These euro-whores deserve all the invectiveness they can sustain. Let’s examine the european prostitues’ names?

From Germany: Cat, Jerusha, Johanna.

From Sweden: Olinda, Lina.

From the Czech Republic: Kristyna, Linda, Tereza, Karolina.

From the Netherlands (where Mr CQ is from!): Anique, Petra.

From Italy: Yassamin, Alessia, Giada.

You’re insulting their names? Most of those are quite traditional to the region where they hail from. You expect them to be named Sandra or Peggy-Sue? :rolleyes:

Why do you keep referring to them as prostitutes? As reality-tv has revealed to us, a good deal of the public, regardless of gender or race, are shameless and fame hungry. No reason to call them whores though.

They’re not whores, they’re sluts! Get your terminology straight.

But then, in Ep 1, almost all of them were commenting about getting their mitts on the money, so …

No, they are whores, though it requires a preface. Specifically, “Money Hungry whores”. Problem solved.

Excuse me, but since when are the names Christine, Linda, Theresa, and Caroline the slightest bit odd? They are even saint names. Yeesh, I’d be offended by your entire post were I not heavily medicated. :wally

Let’s toss this boneheaded thread to the woves in the Pit, what do you say?

What exactly is the problem with their names?

Well, duh, World Eater, they’re foreign. :wink:

Although I fail to see a problem with their names (perhaps the OP will pop in and offer an explanation) I fully agree they are whores.

Damn golddigging furriners!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Do a search on the word “whores” and this thread would light up like a Christmas tree.

this is pretty lame.

(PS: Joe Millionare 2 is really a robot)

Yes sir, Mr. Paul, sir.

He’s cute and (so far) a Southern gentelman. And there’s no way he can be dumber than the first Joe Millionaire. As for the girls’ names…I always thought Karolina (NOT pronounced like the state) was only common in Russia name but I guess it’s more widespread, obviously.

Hmm. Why are there no British, French, or Spanish Euro-floozies? Joe Millionaire has disturbing anti-G7 leanings. If it weren’t for the Italians, I’d say he was a definite Eastern Bloc sympathizer.

You’ve never heard the name Linda before?

Maybe those are the countries that haven’t been tainted with the first Joe Millionaire, and thus ripe targets for the second.

Joe Millionaire has long range bomber plans hidden in his arse, and one of the Nordo-Teutonic tarts is going to end up with them.