Joe Post number 10.

Joes, since can’t grow a pair and man up. I started a pit thread for you. So, you can tell me (and everyone else) what the fuck your problem is with me. Since, I didn’t do anything to you.

Hahaha! Seriously? My first pitting. I feel like a man now. Go back under the bridge, little man.

ETA : Read the thread linked in the OP, then the thread about Chevy Chase that was recently unzombified, and all questions will be answered.

Not interested in a shouting match, but I will answer any specific questions that I feel like answering.


Answer the question at hand. What the hell is up your ass? So, I’m not allowed to complain about someone bringing back an old thread? So, you’re in control of my actions? How come you didn’t bitch at anyone else who complained (and said it was a stupid reason) to bring back a dead thread?

FYI, I’m a woman.

This pitting is kind of old…

It’s a pitting about a comment in a thread about an art exhibit from three years ago. As far as I know, very few (if any) Dopers even read the thread.

Because I felt like it.

FYI, I actually thought you were a woman, but could’ve sworn that I saw you post otherwise. My mistake. I amend my remarks to, “Go back under your bridge, little WOMAN.”


In the future, you could ignore me. As I’ve told you before, in those posts I wasn’t talking TO you or ABOUT you.

You’re a hypocrite. You can do what you want, but you feel you can say who’s posts are releveant or not to threads.

OG, wheresgeorge04, I really wish you hadn’t responded, and had let this piteous excuse for a Pit Thread just ride off the front page. The poor dear is clearly out of her depth, in the umbrage-taking department, and honestly, it’s not like a Pitting is REALLY a badge of honor. :smack:

That said, a Pro-Tip for the OP: When you’re going to Pit an individual it’s generally more effective to put the individual’s username, rather than his sign-off name into the title. There’s more than one Doper who signs his posts with “Joe,” and it’s not like your epic feud with wheresgeorge04 is widely-known enough at this point to allow anybody to get your meaning from context.

That is all.

Right. This is about Merijeek, right?


I can comment as I see fit, on anyone’s posts, as can you. I fully support your right to comment as you see fit on anyone’s posts.


Sorry. I’ll keep that in mind, but no plans on pitting anyone else.

Thank God for that. This one was pathetic.

<Puts popcorn back in cupboard>

Orville is on his buttery cloud in heaven somewhere silently weeping…:frowning:

And who’s going to have to put away all these lawn chairs?

Me, that’s who.

Goddamned kids.

I love me some righteous anger, but I don’t understand this pitting even a little. It seems that wheresgeorge posted a link to a pacman skull in a thread about cartoon skeletons, YaraMateo commented immediately afterwards, but apparently in reference to a different post that something was old, wheresgeorge seemed to believe the comment was to him and slightly overreacted, and then Yara accused him of stalking, even though wheresgeorge had posted in the thread first. Seriously, very little of this makes any sense at all. Is there some context I’m missing? I was hoping for popcorn.

Joe’s busy. Has to go shoot his old lady. Caught her messin’ round with another man.

Joe? What happened to George?

We have no idea where George is.

He’s gone to watch his brother Liberace play.

Joe is on a roll, without provocation he got all stabby in the closed Picunurse thread too.