John McCain is Batman

So then…what does that make Bush? Jim Gordon?

D.C. Batman

This is a thing of pure beauty.

These are lines from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns wherein Batman defeats Superman. What is the angle here? I don’t get it.

It’s a joke.

Miller’s Batman is old (well, old for a superhero, anywhistle) and broken down. He’s faced with a much younger opponent, the leader of the Mutant Gang. Saying that the girl is perfect, better than Dick, is a way of saying Sarah Palin is a better running mate for McCain than Dick Cheney.

Et cetera.

I understand the parallel, but I don’t get the angle. It seems more or less pro-McCain, but I’m not sure that’s what the author intended. Maybe it’s non-partisan and only exists because someone thought it was a cool comparison.

Nitpick: It’s from when the Mutant Gang Leader beats the shit out of Batman. Also, Batman doesn’t defeat Superman.

Well, defeat is too strong a term, perhaps. Wikipedia agrees with me.

It’s a joke, son. :smiley:


The REAL “John McCain is Batman” image

I used to think that “LOL” was one of those annoying teen chatspeak acronyms that didn’t relate to anything in reality.

…and then I LOL’d all over the damned place. Ick.

The real question is can he defeat Super Obama ( if he’s prepared.

That was fricken awesome.
The quotes are from all over the book.

In that case Wikipedia is full of shit. There’s only one orphan left standing after that battle, and it’s the Kid from Kryptonopolis, not the jerk from Jersey.

No no no. **Bush **is Batman, McCain is Alfred, the Joker is Osama bin Laden and Obama is Harvey Dent.

(That was the analysis from a college newspaper editorial I read recently, reviewing The Dark Knight. Ladies and gentlemen: cramming current pop politics onto whatever the year’s summer blockbuster is makes for mediocre humor.)

All jokes aside, I’d say that’s correct in mood if not in particulars–that is, The Dark Knight’s subtext is clearly the war on terror. It wasn’t an allegory, though, as an apology for the president’s extralegal tactics.

What? It was published in 1986.

I refer to the movie, not the graphic novel. Currently I don’t even concede that the graphic novel exists, as in my edited version of history, Frank Miller died in a tragic yodeling accent after finishing his Daredevil run and never touched Batman.

Odd, I thought he died right after he wrote the Dark Knight Returns, and never was able to crank out that sequel he mentioned in his journals.

The photo of McCain with the captions “I smell their fear. And it is sweet.” looks evil. As in Dr. Evil would be pooping his pants if McCain looked at him like that. As if Lex Luthor would jump at the opportunity to ally with McCain just to avoid getting on his bad side.