Join me in boycotting CBS becasue everybody DOESN'T love Raymond

I am simply tired of their damnable, oft-repeated lie. I myself am at best fond of him.

I will not buy from any more CBS sponsors until the series title is changed. Acceptable alternate titles include, but are not limited to:

*Many Americans Love Raymond

Most Americans Feel Positively About Raymond

Everbody Has Heard of Raymond

Everybody Hates Raymond’s Whining

Many Americans Wouldn’t Twitch a Hoof Over Raymond*

I always figured that the “Everybody” in the title referred to the other characters in the show, not the television audience. Sort of like how they called it “Friends,” even though not a single one of the characters in the show was remotely likable.

I’ll take that as one vote for Everybody Who Knows Him Loves Raymond

I’ll also add that, when the show first premiered, I saw Ray Romano on the Conan O’Brian show, talking about how much he hated the title, too. IIRC, he said that everytime he hears it, it makes him want to go out and stomp on a kitten.

Another suggestion for a name:

Everybody Loves Raymond But Thinks His Wife Is A Bitch

Dude, I haven’t watched a CBS program in years, except for the occasional 60 Minutes once or twice this year so far, and Raiders games last season. (Does KCBS still have the Raiders broadcast contract in LA??)

Not because they have offended me or someone I am in solidarity with.

No, just because their programs very consistently suck.

Same goes for MTV, for that matter…

If you don’t watch them, how do you know the suck?

I second the idea to retitle the show along the lines of what another poster said:

Everybody Knows Raymond’s Wife is a Cunt.


Wow, that’s some vitriol!

Personally, i think the show is pretty damn lame. The only amusing characters are those played by Peter Boyle and Brad Garrett, and that’s mainly because those two guys can actually act.

But, for me, one of the most annoying things about the whole premise is Raymond’s complete inability to be anything except a 1950s, have-my-dinner-on-the-table-when-i-get-home, i’m-going-golfing type of husband and father. How dare his wife actually ask him to look after the kids once in a while, or want a career of her own, or get annoyed with the constant interference by his family? Of course that means she’s a “cunt” or a “bitch.”

For me it could easily be: Everybody Love Raymond **Except ** Khadaji.

However, I like so few shows I am not a good sample set.

I’m voting for Who the Hell is This Raymond Guy, Anyway?

Raymond’s wife IS a bitch, and it has nothing to do with her wanting him to do stuff around the house.

She constantly nags him and is always putting him down. I can just SEE the uproar that would ensue if you had a TV show in which the husband was always telling his wife what she was doing wrong, what she should do, why she should do it, implying that she’s lazy, etc. Every damn episode she’s got her knickers in a twist over something he either did wrong, or didn’t do at all. She can’t open her mouth without whining.

I’d rather hang out with Ray’s mother than his spoiled brat wife.

One for Everybody knows it was Raymond on the Grassy Knoll

Everyone who counts loves Raymond. :smiley:

(Sorry, I’m not too fond of the show myself. Everyone may love Raymond, but in that show, everyone is exceptionally unpleasant and neuroic, so why should we trust them anyway?)

Hens Love Roosters
Geese Love Ganders…

I think it’s the fact that she’s constantly putting him down, making fun of him, saying things to him about how he’s utterly incapable of doing all the wonderful household things that she does, and generally lashing out at him until she always gets her way.

“You know what, I’m tired! Could you just call yourself an idiot?”

Dunno about most people here, but telling your spouse to call themselves an idiot seems rather cuntish to me. Is there ever a time that she’s not pissed off at him?

I used to watch Raymond sporadically but never counted myself as a fan. It just bothers me that people who supposedly love each other treat their loved ones like shit. The Peter Boyle character’s attitude toward his wife, Ray’s wife’s grinding unpleasantness, Ray’s selfishness. . . I think I understand what they are trying to portray–that even loving families aren’t always peachy/happy–but you have to convince me that the love is there in the first place, and on Raymond, I simply don’t see it. Nothing but sarcasm and one-shot putdowns.

I stopped watching Will and Grace for the same reason: Karen and Jack always acted like they hated W and G. No, I don’t buy that it’s just good-natured teasing of people you really like–you NEVER behave as if you like them!

I like the title.
I get the title from hearing Brad Garrett say the title in the opening sequence. (that they probably don’t use any more)
Basically it’s a lament. Raymond is the favorite son while his brothers suffers from neglect. However the ‘everybody’ that loves Raymond have a very strange idea of what love is and so Raymond is hardly happy about it.

Um, no. Have you ever seen the show? I did, once. His wife is a nasty, unpleasant, belittling harpy. That’s why I only ever watched the show once-- because the character was such a total bitch. If the gender roles were reversed, with the man saying the things that she does, instead of being a sitcom, it would be a Oxygen/Lifetime movie of the week about emotionally abusive husbands. I’d call the show Everyone Feels Kinda Sorry For Raymond Because His Wife Is So Horrible, But Also Kinda Not, Because Why Does He Put Up With It, The Schmuck?

I vote for renaming the show what I call it:

Damn! Everybody Loves Raymond Is On Where’s The Remote

Well, seems like i’m in the minority here. I guess woman-as-doormat is the way to go if you want her character to be popular.

Go figure.